26 July 2022, 20:54
Anthony De Barros

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Q: Why only rent the robots?

A: My robots work over the long term, you can observe it in the backtest there are periods of fall, but being well controlled the losses are minimal and the ratio between losses and gains is well above 1, it is sometimes enough a single gain to make 4 or even 5 losses profitable. If my robot works for the long term, I think you will be happy to pay for a cheaper robot that brings you profits before you have to renew. We often feel this frustration see a robot that wins, but which is very expensive, we would almost like to say to the author, lend me the robot and when he has won enough, I will pay you. Here with the rental we get closer to this service. At the same time for me, it's more profitable in the long term (I'm talking about 10 years) example: paying 10*30$=300$ is more profitable for me than giving you a lifetime license for 200$. At the same time in 10 years for you, the robot must generate enough profit to make this sum insignificant.

Q: If the robot does not work?

A: I think it may be good for you to wait 1 year of life testing (Follow the live signal for this) to get an opinion and if you had rented the robot, it would have cost you less than a robot with a lifetime’s license.

Q: Why not Sell a single robot which contains all the robots?

A: I felt that people might not want to use this or that currency. There are people who may be less seduced by a robot not wishing to use it and therefore for him the cost is already reduced. Example: if a person just wants to use the following 3 currencies EURUSD GBPUSD and USDJPY, he will only pay $90 per year. If I had made a robot with all the currencies, it would cost $210 and yet the person would not use the currencies that do not interest them.

Q: Can I use the robot in another currency?

A: Yes, but the robot is optimised for the behaviour of the currency it is created for. It is not an over-optimisation, but it is designed for the market in all its period and not only the last years. I think it is useless to focus on the last years of the market on the pretext that the market has evolved and that it is no longer as it was at the start of its opening. I think it's just a way to get around the real difficulties, because tomorrow the market will not look like yesterday and if we neglect old walking movements we are not safe from these movements returning by destroying our robot trained in respond only to the last 5 years.

Q: A Grid or martingale system is present in the robots?

A: No, these systems are recognised as dangerous, these systems are indeed attractive with great progressions, but very often end up closing an account.

Q: What risk do you advise?

A: I advise taking a risk of 2% on an account, so if you only had one of my robots present on an account you can put risk percent = 2
If you have several robots I divide my desired risk by the number of robots, so if you have 7 robots you will use a risk of 0.3
Obviously if you want to put more or less you are free, but a higher risk you will have a higher DD and a risk of not having enough margin.

Q: How much money is needed in the account?

A: I recommend having 1,000 per robot, it is possible to do with less, but the volumes will be fixed until you have enough money so that the volumes vary according to the risk. An insufficient amount of money causes a higher DD.

Q: Why can't I do a backtest?

A: The EA analyzes the slippage and if you make a test with a perfect delay (zero latency), the EA tries to open positions even when the market is open because it goes too fast, no latency... To solve the problem you just need to put a latency.

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