23 May 2022, 07:14
Nauris Zukas
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Some of you already know the "4you Trading Robots" project, where the best (at that moment) products at the MQL5.com Market were copied and sold at the lowest price. But as the project not gain popularity, it was decided not to copy the original products with similar parameters, but to use only algorithms. In a previous project, copying the best products, I noticed a lot of things that could be improved and get better results than the original products. Therefore, it was decided to create the project "Pulse of Market" and offer the most requested advanced versions of the products in my performance.

Telegram Channel "PULSE OF MARKET"

If you can't open the Telegram direct link please make search @PULSEOFMARKET

The first product under the brand name "PULSE OF MARKET" is released!

This product has the same algorithm as bestsellers products in the "Market", based on the grid system. For more details, you can ask me in a private message.

Undefeated Triangle MT4

Undefeated Triangle MT5

"Undefeated Triangle" live monitoring "Signals".

You can view the signal with the entire history here:


The 'Prop Firm Busters' EA has been released!

I am happy to inform you that, released new EA “Prop Firm Busters”! It has been developed as part of the “Pulse Of Market” project and is in line with current popular products that have been specifically designed to pass challenges or evaluations set by the prop firm. It is not clear to me what that "prop firm" is and what challenges it has to endure and why it is so popular right now, but in the near future I will try to investigate and go through them. As a bonus, possibly receive "Undefeated Triangle" a proven real-time trading EA, compensating for uncertainties about the new strategy's success. The price will be increased based on demand, and as well as the possibility of get free "Undefeated Triangle" will be reviewed, if the new EA proves itself to pass challenges set by the prop firms. For details, contact us directly via private message.

New Gold trading EA development process.

I see in the market many gold trading EA. I will also create EA and try to improve and maybe even get better results on the gold trading algorithm.

*As I see the increased interest in my gold trading EA, I want to clarify some details.
I just trying what results I can get with a couple of my indicators and functions on gold trading. As it is only the beginning of the new EA, I think this will take some time. Also, I need to start live signal monitoring of gold trading to prove the results of how good will my EA be. Therefore this will take at least 2-3 months or maybe more.

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