Multi Strategist EA

Multi Strategist EA

17 November 2019, 11:46
Julian Jaeger

Multi Strategist is a fully automated Expert Advisor. It utilizes seven indicator-based trading strategies which work in combination or separate. Each strategy uses a unique indicator combination. The strategies have been developed by cloud-based Strategy screening and each strategy has been tested and selected out of billions of possible strategies.

Indicators implemented in the strategies are among others:

  • Moving Averages
  • Pivot Points (Standard or Fibonacci)
  • Stochastic Oscillator
  • Directional Movement Index (DMI) & Average Directional Index (ADX)
  • Alligator
  • Momentum
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD)
  • Williams Percent Range (WPR)


  • Easy to use
  • The market changes over time, so change with it!
  • Seven trading strategies available to optimize trading.
  • Parallel Mode(Hedging accounts only): Strategy will trade in parallel to each other.
  • Average True Rangeis used to calculate volatility sensitive  stop losses and take profits
  • Integrated Money Management
  • Trailing stopssupport profit taking and loss limitation.
  • Partial Closing of positions.
  • Optional automatic trade closing on Fridays
  • Developed and optimized for, but not limited to, EURUSD H1. Easy to optimize further.
  • Spread filter
  • Info Panel

Recommended use

  • Test the EA on Demo first, do not use on real-money before you understand the risks.
  • Option A (recommended) 
    • Get a vServer / VPS pre-installed with Windows (online search "Windows VPS")
    • Install Metatrader on the VPS
    • Activate AutoTrading
    • Load the expert advisor on the EURUSD H1 Chart using the supplied set files.
    • Activate the InfoPanel in the EA settings (optional, recommended on real VPS and home PC).
  • Option B)
    • Register a virtual server (VPS) via MQL5 software.
    • Download the expert advisor to the EURUSD H1 chart using the supplied set files.
    • Synchronize the terminal with VPS by clicking on "Synchronize experts, indicators".

Note: Info Panel is deactivated by default to save resources. Can be activated in settings. Turn off for non-visual Strategy-Tester and optimizations to increase speed. Optimized set files are provided.

Recommended settings

  • Account balance: >1000 EUR
  • Risk per Trade: < 5 % . The higher MaxPositions is, the lower risk per single trade should be set, because of parallel trades.
  • optimization settings: Optimized settings are provided.
  • ideas for optional optimization:
    • auto MinProfit Multiplier: 0.3-0.9 (lower leads to more trades and higher winning rate but less avg profit per trade)
    • auto TrailingStop Multiplier: 0.3-0.9
    • Strategy combinations
    • ATR settings: ATR: 1-3


InfoPanel Settings

  • Show InfoPanel:shows optional info panel.
  • Panel on the right:if true InfoPanel will appear on the right.
  • Move downwards : moves panel downwards on the y-axes.
  • Scaling:changes size of panel.

Set Trading Mode

  • Max Positions: Sets the number of trading positions simultaneously allowed at the same time. (Each Strategy always can only have one trade open. Exception: if hedging is allowed, an opposite order is allowed, too.)
  • Use OCO: Strategy specific one-cancels-the-other order. Example: if ‘true’ open buy trade of Strategy 0 get closed as soon as strategy 0 generates a sell signal.
  • Allow Hedging: if ‘true’ open trade of gets opened next to an already opened opposite trade of the same strategy if this strategy generates a signal for it.

Choose Strategies

  • Use Strategy 0-6: Each strategy can be switched on and off.

Set Magic Numbers

  • Magic 0-6: Each Strategy has its own magic number. Make sure that each magic number is unique and that no other expert advisor uses the same number in your terminal.

Money Management

  • Risk per Trade: In percent; sets risk per trade (does not affect chance of winning a trade). Corresponds to the percentage of your account balance you are willing to lose if the next trade is lost.
    Beware that the risk can be higher on low balance account because of lot minimum of 0.01 and variable stop-loss. Risk is for each trade. If you have 2 parallel trades with 2% risk per Trade,
    the resulting risk will be 4%. Number of parallel possible Trades can be set in "MaxPositions".
  • Max Spread: Sets spread limit in pips for opening trade.

Money Managment advanced

  • Auto LotSize: Automatic lot calculation based on risk, account balance and stoploss.
  • Auto TakeProfit: if true Average True Range (ATR) is used to calculate TakeProfit.
  • Auto StopLoss: if true Average True Range (ATR) is used to calculate stoploss.
  • ATR SL Multiplier: Is used to calculate StopLosses by multiplying ATR SL multiplier with ATR (calculated in pips).
  • ATR TP Multiplier: Is used to calculate TakeProfits by multiplying ATR TP multiplier with ATR (calculated in pips).
  • min SL/TP: min allowed stoploss and takeprofit in pips.
  • max SL/TP: max allowed stoploss and takeprofit in pips.
  • fixed TakeProfit: if ‘UseAutoTakeProfit’   is set to false, fixed stoploss is used.
  • fixed StopLoss: if ‘UseAutoStopLoss’   is set to false, fixed stoploss is used.
  • fixed LotSize: only if UseAutoLotSize is turned off: sets fixed lot size per trade.
  • max LotSize: sets max allowed lot size.

Trailing Settings

  • Use Trailing: turns trailing on or off.
  • Auto Trailing Settings: if true minimum profit and trailing stop are calculated automatically (see below)
  • manual Minimum Profit: if UseAutoTrailingSettings is ‘false’, sets minimum profit in pips before trailing starts
  • manual Trailing Stop: sets the trailing stop in pips
  • auto MinProfit Multiplier: Multiplier times current take profit equals current minimum profit.
  • auto TrailingStop Multiplier: Multiplier times current minimum profit equals current trailing stop.
  • Trailing Step: sets the trailings step in pips.

Time tools

  • Close Fridays: if set to ‘true’, trades are being closed before the weekend.
  • hours before market closes: if ‘ Close Fridays’is true, sets time when open trades are closed before market closes (server time) on Friday in hours.

Partial Closing Settings

  • Use Partial Closing: if true profitable trades get partially closed at certain level of profit.
  • Auto MinProfit: if true, sets the profit as ratio to TakeProfit that has to be reached to do a partial close.
  • Auto MinProfit (TakeProfit-Ratio): Example:5 means half of the potential profit at TakeProfit has to be reached to do a partial close.
  • Manual MinProfit in currency: if Auto MinProfit is false, it will set the minimum profit in currency to do a partial close. Example: 50: 50$ profit has to be reached to do a partial close.
  • Close-Keep-Ratio: Sets position size to be closed as ratio. Example: 75: 75% of the position gets closed and 25% of the position remains.
      •  If set to 1: whole position gets closed as soon MinProfit is reached.
      • If lotsize is to small to do the desired partial close, nothing will happen.

Other Settings

  • skip incompatible parameters: If true, the Strategy-Tester will skip incompatible setting combinations during optimizations.


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