Trading strategies with indicator SFT Simple Trend Oscillator

Trading strategies with indicator SFT Simple Trend Oscillator

13 August 2019, 09:14
Artem Kuzmin

Trading strategy for MetaTrader 4 based on the SFT Simple Trend Oscillator

Multicurrency strategy - suitable for any currency pairs, as well as for trading metals, options and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.)

Trading can be conducted on any timeframe.

Depending on your preferences, it can be used both scalping and intraday, as well as medium-term and long-term.

The basis for opening deals is the SFT Simple Trend Oscillator indicator.

It shows the direction of the trend and additionally filters the flat.

Trading can be conducted using this indicator alone.

And at the end of the article there are links to an indicator with a description and the possibility of free testing, as well as a video review of its capabilities.


Installation and Setup

Learn more about how to choose, install, test for free, as well as buy indicators, see YouTube on   video tutorials.

The settings described in this manual are indicated for the EURUSD currency pair.   
Other tools may require additional adjustment of the indicator parameters. 
Experimenting a little, you can choose the settings for any trading tool.

Trading with the SFT Simple Trend Oscillator indicator

Settings indicator :

  • Simple Trend Oscillator Period = 4

Trading Rules

The intersection of the histogram of the zero line and its exit from the yellow zone is a signal to open deals

  • The histogram crosses the 0 line from top to bottom and changes color from blue to red - open Sell or Put (for options)
  • The histogram crosses the 0 line upwards and changes color from red to blue - open Buy or Call (for options)
  • The trade direction should correspond to the trend direction on a higher timeframe.
  • Exit the reverse intersection deal and immediately open a new deal under favorable conditions

The direction of opened trades should correspond to the trend direction on a higher timeframe.   
If you trade on M1 or M5, then you should focus on M30 and H1. 
When trading on M15, M30 and H1, we focus on H4, D1 and W1, respectively.   
The exit from the transaction is carried out by the opposite signal (see the picture).

You can also exit the set orders SL and TP. 
When using SL and TP, it is advisable to set SL for the nearest extremum, and TP to be equal to from 1 to 2 SL sizes.

This indicator has proven itself in conjunction with the free indicator  SFT Bullet Arrow

SFT Simple Trend Oscillator

It is recommended to work with this strategy only with reliable and proven brokers. Who have no problems with the withdrawal of funds.

It is also desirable that ECN has accounts with a low spread and a low commission per transaction.

Before you decide to open a trading account, be sure to read online reviews about your broker.

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Try our other indicators, 
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