Simple rules.for profitable trading

7 July 2019, 10:51
Rabih Abdallah
Hello dear friends

Just quick tips for beginners to.stay profitable

1- buy on support and sell.on resistance look also.for.price action ( learn japanese candlesticks)
2- buy low and sell high
3- the trend is you friend look for general trend on daily or weekly time frame and trade search for entry on lower time frame
4- respect money managment risk only 2% of your capital.per trade.
5- do not over trade 
6- set take profit level do not be greedy.
7- test your strategy for few months on demo account before you go on real money.
The market is always open do not rush to make money test your skills on demo first if you see you are profitable move to real account.
When testing on demo account do not cheat your self consider the virtual funds as your own hard earned money.
8- learn forex well before you trade you can take some courses on

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