Looking for quality products? Look here!

Looking for quality products? Look here!

18 August 2018, 21:26
Roman Vashchilin

1. CutTheTrend FX (Advisor)

CutTheTrend FX is an automated trading Expert Advisor, which does not use indicators, because the analysis of history often leads to incorrect decisions in the future. The Expert Advisor analyses the current market situation based on Price Action and opens a position according to these calculations.

It opens one position, but, if necessary, can apply grid algorithms to maintain positive operation. Also the EA is equipped with protective techniques, such as Trailing stop and Risk Blocking (see the description below) and control of the number of open positions.

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2. Waves Of Fibonacci (Indicator)

The principle of the indicator operation lies in the analysis of the currency pair history and determining the beginning and the end of the "power" driving the current trend. It also determines the Fibonacci levels in the main window. The indicator also shows how long ago the local Highs and Lows have been reached.


3. Flow Of Lines (Indicator)

The Flow Of Lines indicator calculates and shows on a symbol chart trend channels, as well as the price movement channels, each of which corresponds to its specific timeframe. This method provides easy analysis of long- and short-term trend movement dynamics.

4. FX Scientific Scalper (Advisor)

The FX Scientific Scalper is a fully aitomated trading system for efficient scalping trading in the Forex market. The Expert Advisor uses a number of mathematical calculations for position opening.

  • Does not use martingale.
  • Does not use aggressive trading.
  • Does not accumulate drawdown.

The Expert Advisor trades smoothly and gradually increases its capacity. Its priority is saving the deposit. This significantly increases the chances of successful trading and minimizes risk.

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