My Journey as The Backyard Forex Trader

My Journey as The Backyard Forex Trader

15 July 2018, 20:59
Gert Jakobus Visser

Some of you might not know my journey up to where I am today so I'll start from the beginning.

I got introduced to Forex Trading back in 2008. Like many newbies I started trading myself and blew all the demo accounts I opened. I then switched over to Forex Robots and the very first one I bought FAP (Forex Auto Pilot). After I blew more accounts with that robot I reverted back to manual trading and explored all technical indicators there is to use. After some more years and more account blow-ups I decided to give it a rest.

A few months away from my charts I went back, but this time with a different view and perception......

I investigated Price Action and Supply & Demand. I wanted to find out what is it that moves the price and where is it going. The answer was quite easy.... Price either goes Up or Down :-)

Then I took a step back and started looking at the bigger picture, which opened up a whole new world for me...... and this is where it all turned around..... the year 2018!

So here I am with this incredible strategy that I've been trading on a demo account for a few weeks. I was very tempted to take this to a Live account, but I knew I had to do more testing. Instead of opening a new Live account I found one of my accounts at RoboForex with $4 in it. I applied my strategy to that account and within a few weeks I had $150. It is then when I realized I'm on to something. I opened a new account at RoboForex and transferred the $150 to that account.

Today, 15 July 2018 my account balance is $813.45 all the way up from $4.00.....

As you can see the strategy is great, but not without it flaws, hence the draw down. However, overall it has very good Risk/Reward and with proper Discipline and Patience it is an awesome strategy.

Follow me as I take this account to $1,000 and beyond. I'll post updates and setups as I go along.

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