Gold weekly analysis 2018-06-(10-150 (tachnical side)

17 June 2018, 14:07
oleksandr bilokon


The course of the past week has carried out such movements of resistance to the whip and bearers:

- (bull) started with the mark (Open 1299.00; gap +92), (bear) 1-key support levels test (bull) test (down D1 'broken), (bear) test of 2-key levels of support and downgrading to (1293.97);
- (bull) growth with repeat test (down D1 'broken) with its correction to (R1W1 / down D1 broken), (bear) decline rate with breakdown of key levels of support and (up H4' broken) with its correction up to (up H4 broken) and test (S1W1);
- (bull) rate increase with breakdown of key levels and (down D1 broken / R1W1 / R2W1) with correction to (High 1309.08 / down D1), (bear) breakdown down (key levels / upH4 broken / S1W1 / up W1 broken / S2W1 / S3W1) to (Low 1275.26) with the close of the week (Close 1278.44).

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