Bitcoin Making New Highs But Crash Fears Loom Large

11 December 2017, 07:41
Ahmad Hassam

Bitcoin is making new highs at $19,000.

Many brokers have BTC/USD available for trading.

With 1 standard lot you can buy around 10 bitcoins as of yesterday.

There is an intense debate ranging on whether bitcoin is a bubble or something real.

Looking at BTC/USD daily chart, you can see price rising too sharply.

As a price action trader, I know this fact when price rises too sharp, it makes a sharp retracement as well.

I have written this blog post in which I have explained my thoughts how bitcoin crash.

As reported by the financial media there are around 1000 people who hold more than 40% of bitcoins.

These people are known as Whales and are actively monitored by hedge funds and other big investors.

Whenever anyone sell, bitcoin price plunges down. If few of them sell together it can snowball into a crash.

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