Communication between MT4 and MySQl DB

Communication between MT4 and MySQl DB

26 November 2017, 23:12
Hamed Dehghani
Dear Traders And Developers.
I want yo introduce my new activity in this post.
I made fast communication between EA and mysql database, let me to introduce my program by question and answers

Communication speed in this program is good?
This code can send Any detail from mt4 to mysql in 1-3second. (send and store data in MySql DB)

This program Where can be use full ?
1. Can be use for add check client security.
2. Can be use to stor client activity.
3. Can be use to save statics for analysis.
4. Can be use to send signals from mt4 to web page.
5. Can be use any other special propose that need remote communication.

What i need to have in this project ? (Requirements)
1. Domain and host (FTP account) _ 10$ for one year.
2. EA and php codes i made.

Can i add my own company name on EA code?
Yes , its possible.

How much is it ?
Minimum job cost in mql5 website 30$.

Can i have source code too?
Yes, its possible with additional cost.

Can i add more thing or add my own indicator signal or change EA according to my own request?
Yes , its possible with little additional cost according to changes you need.

How can i order this program?
You must contact me in mql5 and make a job in freelance page and reward it to me.

Can i have same program for mt5?
Yes, its possible with 10$ additional cost.

I am developer, i want to use this code for my customers, can i buy it and use it in my own projects?
Yes , its possible.
Its part of my affiliate program. contact me for more info.

Best Regard
Hamed Dehghani _ EEECAD

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