How to Choose the best car battery?

29 July 2017, 07:48
Alpi Tyagi


 There are numerous facts about car battery which can help you to preserve it for the long term; there are various facts which you may not know about it. Some of the facts are as follows:


  •  Batteries naturally discharge: You should always drive your car frequently, as batteries usually discharge, recharge your battery or run the vehicle regularly.
  • Battery last for five years: If the battery is in good condition then it would last up to 5 years, to prevent damage to the battery, do not overcharge the battery or under charge and also prevent it from charging through the imperfect system.
  • A professional should replace it: You should always replace your battery by a professional. If you do it yourself, a system may get damaged.
  • You should Recycle them: Batteries cause harm to the environment as they contain lead oxide and sulphuric acid, one should recycle the battery to protect the  environment from any harmful damage.
  • Battery light doesn't necessarily mean its faulty: If the battery light is lit up on the dashboard that doesn't mean that battery is defective, maybe there is some problem in vehicle charging system.
  • Connecting leads in the wrong way may damage the system: If leads are plugged in a wrong way, then it may cause detrimental cause to the network. It could result in the fuses being destroyed that potentially could cause the battery to explode.

Tips to choose car battery

 A person should choose the battery carefully, as they last for a long time, you should ensure that the battery works efficiently. There are numerous points which you must keep in a while buying a battery:


  1. The first step is to check the battery manual for the information about the battery from the manufacturer's end. It will give you the basic idea of the power.
  2. When you are going to replace the battery, take a slightly higher battery, make sure it won't get overboard and charging system should cope up with the power.
  3. Electrical system deteriorates with the time; it is advisable to check it while replacing the battery.
  4. It is important to know about the power requirement so that you could buy extended battery according to the system.
  5. As people look forward to maintenance free battery, but it is safer to get electrolyte check up and top-ups frequently for the better usage.


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