How Automatic Transmissions Work

28 July 2017, 11:36
Alpi Tyagi

The automotive transmission system is the final stage of the engine, till the engine hits the wheel. The whole system is responsible for making engine and wheel work together. It is also responsible for adapting the output shaft rotation to a proper ratio, allowing a wider range of speed for the better performance as the engine has its RPM limit.

Automatic Transmission:

It allows a smooth and optimum driving experience and to transfer the need of changing gear from the driver to the car. The automatic transmission was invented for the same objective like all the other types of transmission to convert the narrow range of engine speeds into a wide range to the output.

Front Wheel Drive

  •       The transmission is integrated with the final drive to form a transaxle
  •         The engine on a front wheel drive is situated sideways in the car with the transaxle
  •         Front axles are directly linked to the transaxle and cater power to the front wheel.
  •         The power is routed through the transmission to the final drive where it is split and sent to the two front wheels through the drive axles.

Transmission Functions

  •         permits the vehicle to start from rest, with the engine running continuously
  •        keeps the vehicle stop by disconnecting the drive when required
  •          Enable the vehicle to start at different rates and in under controlled manner
  •          Vary the speed ratio between the engine and wheels
  •         Allow this rate to change when required
  •         Transmit the drive torque to the required wheels.

Transmission types

  1.          Manual Transmission
  2.          Dual-clutch transmission (DCT)
  3.          Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT)
  4.          Automatic transmission

Manual Transmission: Manual Transmission in modern cars is used as a synchronizer to remove the need for double clutching.A synchronized purpose is to permit the collar and gear to make frictional contact.

Dual Clutch Transmission:

  1. In this transmission, two clutches work in a sequence. One of them is connected to the odd gears and the reverse gear, and the other attached to the even gears.
  2. It allows the vehicle to modify gears very quickly, promotes lower consumptions and longer live than the other transmissions.

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