Strategy M Free

13 April 2017, 16:01
Chris Mechen
Dear MQL5 friends, I am celebrating my first year on MQL5 by giving you a gift
 I would like to give to you today,completely free of charge ,my first EA Project and source code, for you to do as you will with.PLEASE BACKTEST AND PLEASE TEST ON DEMO FIRST!
I am giving this EA away because there are much better EAs in the market for sale from professional authors.I am not a coder or programmer just a hobby trader looking for some more friends and advice on my own trading.
 Strategy M was born nearly a year ago as a "create an EA in 5 mins" and is a result of nearly a year of trial and error and experimenting with a free Quant programme and has now been tested with 90% variable spread tick data , and been modified for use by Besarion Turminuali (Besso) author of W12 Quad Turbo/Imperial Scalper and now IndTrader which I will add to my collection in time. (all highly recomended EAs and Besso is the most helpful person on MQL5 without a doubt,and a great place to start as a begginner.).Thanks Besso!This also marks a huge step in my trading journey.
Yes you can put an EA together in 5 mins but.............. dont hold your breath trying to get it to work!Leave it to the professionals and invest in good EAs by good authors.
It is a very basic EA and not a patch on some of the EAs you can buy but it may just help someone by giving them a good start in the market,as I have had, or even just some ideas or just a template for another EA.Please modify,play do as you wish and please let me know what and how you have done
I wish you all success

Recomended min $100 start
ECN Broker (NO CENT)
VPS Recomended
EA works on Asian session for only a couple of hours.
Optimiszed for GBPAUD but seems to work on most £ pairs and EURCHF
EA opens/closes position in oversold/overbought coditions of RSI with MACD and Stochastic confirmation.
Stop Loss/Take Profit/Trailing Stop
Lot Multiplier
Time Filter

Loads of adjustable parameters to play with!

Please help yourself and let me know how you get on!

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