USD/TRY Long Trade-1000 Pips Profit With 30 Pips Stop Loss

12 April 2017, 15:29
Ahmad Hassam

USD/TRY is being offered by many brokers for trading.

TRY is the Turkish Lira. USD/TRY is an exotic currency pair.

1 pip with 1 standard lot for USD/TRY is approximately $2.7.

So 30 pips stop loss comes out to be around $80.

If you had traded EUR/USD or GBP/USD, 30 pips with 1 standard lot stop loss would be $300.

So you can see there are some advantages to trading exotic pairs like USD/TRY.

The risk is more than 3 times lower when we trade USD/TRY.

Read this post in which I have explained in detail a recent USD/TRY long trade that made 1000 pips with 30 pips stop loss.

The key to success in forex trading lies in keeping the risk as low as possible.

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