Python Machine Learning For Traders

16 January 2017, 08:34
Ahmad Hassam
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Python is rapidly becoming the language of choice for machine learning.

Python has many good modules for deep learning as well.

Machine learning is a new game that is becoming very popular.

If you are a trader, you can use machine learning to predict market direction.

I have developed this course Python Machine Learning For Traders.

In this course I show you how you can use machine learning algorithms in your trading.

We have a lot of data available now on MT4 that can be easily downloaded in a csv file.

You can download data from 1 minute to daily to weekly.

The problem is how to use that data and use it for predicting the market.

After going through the Python Machine Learning For Traders course, you will know what to do.

I take you step by step and show you the algorithms that can help you in trading.

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