Manual   Compact Scalper V1.5

Manual Compact Scalper V1.5

24 November 2016, 18:35
Aida Chavez
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Compact Scalper Expert Advisor


Compact Scalper is an Expert Adviser (EA) totally automatic that works by a little period of time each day.

It has an advanced algorithm that use the price like the principal indicator. Our system has a preset Stop Loss and Take Profit, but Its principal close system is, the dynamic close, considers the price where the order was opened and the subsequent behavior of the price, closing the orders when the conditions leave to be the appropriate . Each broker has its operation therefore can not act the same way in all the conditions must be for each independent broker and compact scalper take this into account and act automatically . We have put a little bit parameters to make the use more easy, you can put Compact Scalper in Demo or Live accounts in all the mt4 brokers and the system will calculate the schedule that It have to work automatically . If you are going to make (backtest) put the GMT schedule of your broker in the parameter- GMT Broker.

We recommend using the Compact Scalper on M5 charts



 Signals And Test


The system complies with the FIFO rules for closing orders.


Control the risk and work with appropriate volumes (lots) to your capital.

Do Backtest of good quality (99.9%).

Whatever consultation that you have you can send us a message that will be answered as soon as possible.

 It is recommended to use 0.10 to 0.20 lots per 1000 dollars of your balance if you put more than one currency pair in your account you have to divide the volume between pairs, .... is recommended.




                                                         Work only with recommended currency pairs


                                 The recommended currency pairs are the ones we have on our signals.



 What_is_FIFO = FIFO Is the way to shorten the rule (First In First Out) indicating that the positions are closed in the order in which they were opened.

Indicate whether or not your broker uses the FIFO closing rules.FIFO ?=  Yes or No




  "Do not change the magic number if there are operations open."



IF_IS_TRADING_LIVE_OR_DEMO=// "Compact Scalper, automatically calculated the time in which have to work on your broker..."

IF IS BACKTEST="//Enter the GMT time of your broker..   0, + 1, + 2,+ 3, + 4, + 5,+6?"

GMT Broker=0



X__________IDENTIFIERS__________X =                        

 "Do not change the magic number if there are operations open."

Number Magic =  311271  //   It is recommended to use a different magic number for each chart.


COMMENT=" Comment " //    The comment will appear in the operations of the platform you can use it to identify the system.






"Control Risk %"

Use Risk %   //-In true active Risk% by order

Risk % per order //- Maximum risk allowed by Size of the position.

Use Risk -// In true if you want to calculate the lots dynamically

Lot Dynamic -//If you want to calculate the lots dynamically

Lots Fixed.//-Position size


Blog Information: 


"STOP LOSS" Indicate the degree of distance of stop loss you prefer, the filter is calculated depending on the current volatility.

 Dynamic Stop Loss =//   Stop_Low       //     Short Distance                                               

                                                Stop_medium //    Media Distance

                                               Stop_High         //    Long Distance


Original system used // Stop_High           






 X_____ FILTERS____X 


 Use Filter slow ,medium , fast = true  //     In true you enable the filters option, it is recommended to use the true option. 

 Filter           Compact_slow               //          Volatility filters:    If the compact slow filter is active the possibility of obtaining more operations in the long term and will be reduced to medium and fast.




 Max_orders =     One_Order             //       Choose the maximum open orders in the same pair.




Function one =//    Function one will make the system have more orders in the long run.

Function two =//   

Function two reduces the number of orders in the long run but will make order closures more effective.

 Max Slippage   =// Max slippage allowed

 Maximum spread allowed. //   Maximum spread allowed to open an order.

 Allow new orders every "seconds"      //        Minimum time allowed to open a new order







 X__________FILTER TIME________X    


 Winter or summer time  -// Choose the winter or summer option depending on your broker's schedule.   

If your broker back an hour = winter - If your broker ahead one hour= summer   







 "X________NEWS FILTER__________X"


 ALERT_  =  "Before accepting the parameters Add the URL in the list of allowed URLs (Main Menu->Tools->Options, tab \"Expert Advisors\")".







 Use news filter  ? //   Turn on or off the news filter.


Do not operate if there is news in (minutes)  ,// If there is news within (minutes) do not open operations


 Don't operate if it was published a news time ago (minuts)  //  If there was news within (minutes) do not open operations.


 Include high impact news. //   Enable or disable high-impact news if it is true the system will not work if there is high-impact news


 Include meduim impact news.//  Turn on or off the half impact news if it is true the system will not work if there is medium impact news


 Include Speaks  // Turn on or off conference news if it is true the system will not work if there is conference news.



 High Impact Color// Choose the color of high impact news.


Medium Impact Color//  Choose the color of the medium impact news.


 Display Corner //  Display position




                                                 Frequent questions.



Where can I get the set files?

You can download the files from the description of our signals.

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