BBC forecasters say Leave have won

24 June 2016, 06:12
Sherif Hasan
News just out ahead of the final results still to come in 24 June 2016

BBC Radio 4 just announcing that the official position of their forecasters is that the UK has voted to Leave the EU.

UKIP leader Farage has already made his victory speech. Really, but to be honest you have to give the man credit for forcing Cameron's hand to have to promise a referendum in a bid to win votes back in the last General Election campaign.

An historic day but the euphoria felt by many of us is also tempered by the knowledge that a rocky road lays ahead.

Was ever thus.

Update: Sky News and ITV join BBC in stating Leave will prevail

GBPUSD falls further to  1.3405 eeeeeee 1.3305. The rot hasn't stopped yet by a long way but caution advised down here after such extreme falls. EURUSD now below 1.1000 and posted 1.0926.    
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