New Zealand migration data for May +5500 (prior +5520)

22 June 2016, 07:07
Sherif Hasan

Migration data from New Zealand gets a bit of attention as it is cited in impacts on the price of houses, which in turn apparently has impacts on RBNZ monetary policy

c'mon Statz NZ .... your data page isn't loading ... yay, here it is!
  • Visitor arrivals numbered 193,600 in May 2016, setting a new May record
  • Visitor arrivals were up 10 percent from May 2015, driven by an increase in holiday arrivals
  • "Holiday visitor arrivals from China exceeded those from Australia in May 2016," population statistics manager Jo-Anne Skinner said.  "This is only the second time this has ever happened, the first was in February 2015." 
    In the May 2016 year, visitor arrivals hit a record 3.29 million, up 11 percent from the May 2015 year. 
    Declining trend in monthly net gain of migrants; annual net gain still breaking records
  • Seasonally adjusted figures showed a net gain (more arrivals than departures) of 5,500 migrants in May 2016
  • Since reaching a peak of 6,200 in November 2015, the seasonally adjusted net gain in migrants has averaged 5,700 a month.
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