Brexit polls ... You want MOAR?

19 June 2016, 07:10
Sherif Hasan

If you can't get enough Brexit polls ahead of the June 23 referendum, you're in luck!

Mike had BMG Research's final EU Referendum poll here
You may have seen some of these already, and some have had publication delayed after the dreadful assassination last week:
  • Survation poll for the Mail on Sunday (conducted Friday and Satruday) has Remain on 45% and Leave on 42 (I haven't a link at this stage)
  • YouGov poll (conducted June 15 and 16) 42% Remain and 44% Leave
  • The latest YouGov/Sunday Times poll has 44% Remain and 43% Leave
  • Not a poll, but The Sunday Times have editorialised in favour of Leave (UK's Sunday Times urges readers to vote for 'Leave')
Is that enough for you, or want even MOAR? I'm sure you won't have to wait long.

In the meantime, BrUsher with BrMore:

If its still Saturday night where you are - turn it up!
And in mondegreen news, I always heard Usher singing "If you really want more, Australian dollar". I knew that couldn't be right, but its what I heard.
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