USD/JPY took a deep dive to 104 and below on the lack of action from the Bank of Japan. This may well change next month,

17 June 2016, 14:19
Sherif Hasan

BMG Research have had their fair share of attention this week 17 June 2016

The pollsters were due to release their latest findings today but, with general co-operation and some sensitivity to yesterday's awful events along with a suspension of campaigning from both sides will now publish at 01.00 GMT Sat 18 June

Here's the statement they put out last night:

"BMG/Herald EU Referendum Polling - Delayed

In light of today's events, tomorrow morning's scheduled release of BMG/Herald EU Referendum polling has been delayed 24hrs to Saturday morning.

The results of both polls will now be released on or around 0100hrs BST on Saturday 18th June - the same time that they go live on the Herald website".

Expect other Brexit polls/rhetoric over the week-end but let's hope it has substance rather looking to shock
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