U.S. Presidential Election Series: Why Trump can Win the Presidency

U.S. Presidential Election Series: Why Trump can Win the Presidency

17 May 2016, 13:00
Roberto Jacobs

U.S. Presidential Election Series: Why Trump can Win the Presidency

Dumbfounding many political pundits and proving many more wrong, Donald Trump has emerged as presumptive Republican nominee for the race to the White House. As of now betting markets are predicting with more than 60% probability that Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton will be winning the Presidency.

Once again odds are against Donald Trump but he now has real possibility to win the White House. Here’s why –

  • People may think him rude for President, arrogant, self-centered and many more but polls show they are more likely to believe what comes out of his mouth than any other candidate, especially Hillary Clinton. 
  • One of the biggest advantage for Trump has been his under-dog image. He was an under-dog, when he started running and he still is. When asked Hillary, if she can counter and defeat Trump, she said “Oh! Please!”. That over confidence has already pushed 16 candidates out of GOP race.
  • He has been the biggest story in politics in 2016. U.S. election always gets coverage all around the globe but this year it has been phenomenal and the credit solely goes to him.
  • Donald Trump openly said he took advantages of a corrupt system like everyone else and that’s he wants to change. While many of his malpractices are open secret, while Hillary’s not and expect Trump to highlight many such over the race.
  • Political pundits and the politicians not only underestimate him but the wave he is riding on. Nationalist ideas. Mr. Trump’s ideas have are more nationalists than any candidates. People tend to underestimate the nationalist theme, but it has lived on and thrived over centuries.
  • Democratic candidate Hillary is running a campaign, “Republicans for Hillary” to gain supports of those republicans who loathe Trump but she is forgetting that many democrats doesn’t like her, especially those who supports Bernie Sanders and Mr. Trump’s ideas are closest to Mr. Sanders. 
  • Biggest strength of Mr. Trump we will find in the interviews that he is evolving. After years into the politics, Mrs. Clinton has little capacity to do so compared to new comer Trump. He may be uttering the same or similar promises, like "The Wall", "Deportation" but he is not the same man who first mentioned those ideas.

We have a strong feeling that Mr. Trump has quite a high chance of proving the pundits wrong once more.

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