USDCHF weekly analysis 2016-04-week3

24 April 2016, 22:49
oleksandr bilokon


Over the past week testing levels (down D1 broken) was delayed and led to the depreciation of the key support levels. Breakdown (down D1 broken, R1-w, middle of Up H4 channel) exhausted oxen activity and further growth was suspended from the sharp decline to the cluster (EMA120,24). Further extension RALY bulls the upper levels prevailing channel (Up H4 channel). Price has gone from 0.9653 (Open) with testing (down D1 broken) to 0.9583 (Low), after which it was formed (Up H4 channel) with subsequent breakdown (down D1 broken, R1-w), return to (EMA120,24 ) and rising to a maximum of 0,9795 (High) and Close (0,9784). 

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