RBA's Stevens: More room to ease policy than most

22 March 2016, 07:08
Gabriel D Arco
RBA's Glenn Stevens, speaking at the ASIC Annual Forum in Sydney, said there's more room to ease policy than most should a serious downturn occur.

Key headlines

Local economy improving, financial system more resilient

Recent data showed economy picking up at turn of the year

Business surveys still upbeat this year, jobs data more ambiguous

Australia has room to take fiscal, monetary steps were there to be another global crisis

Australian budget in structural deficit, needs to be addressed over time

Domestic businesses, labour market much more flexible than in the past

Local banks' asset quality improving, no trouble in accessing capital markets

Tighter rules on home investment loans helpful in cooling house prices

Aggressive expansion by foreign banks in australia could lead to risks

Lower oil prices a positive shock for many consumers around the world
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