The Most Expensive Investigation in UK

6 November 2015, 10:17
Muhammad Elbermawi

On February 21, 2006, in a quiet city of Tonbridge, Kent, UK, the largest cash robbery in British history took place. Several robbers dressed like policemen stopped the car of a depot manager. While his family was being held hostage, robbers took the manager to the depot and made him give them access to money. The criminals took around 53,000,000 pounds out of available 203,000,000 pounds just because a larger amount did not fit the car. The policeman also set a sort of a record for the cost of investigation that totaled 5,000,000 pounds. As a result, only 21,000,000 pounds were found and five people were arrested. Four robbers were imprisoned for 15 years, and the person who provided them with the information went to prison for 10 years. The biggest part of the stolen sum is still not found.


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