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Matreshka self-testing and self-optimizing indicator:
1. Is an interpretation of the Elliott Wave Analysis Theory.
2. Based on the principle of the indicator type ZigZag, and the waves are based on the principle of interpretation of the theory of DeMark.
3. Filters waves in length and height.
4. Draws up to six levels of ZigZag at the same time, tracking waves of different orders.
5. Marks Pulsed and Recoil Waves.
6. Draws arrows to open positions
7. Draws three channels.
8. Notes support and resistance levels.
9. Draws three types of Fibonacci meshes.
10. Redraws only the cost on the newest bar, except for the Fibonacci Extension mesh.
11. Has the ability to simulate trade in test and operating modes, as well as has the ability to self-test and self-optimization.

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Version 1.3 2019.04.14
resolved Alert issue
added SRLines on past bars
Version 1.2 2019.01.17
Added fixed lot option for trade module.
Added Alerts option.
Version 1.1 2019.01.12
resolved error message 4301
added parameter for ThreePointsChannel