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N trades per set Martingale - Experte für den MetaTrader 4

Brian Rumbles | German English Español Português 日本語

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2019.11.09 12:11
2019.11.09 13:33

The EA does a set of N number of trades and then:

This EA will scale up if all the trades were consec losses and will reset after

a set with all consec wins has occurred. 

The set size is set by the parameter (N_trades_per_set)

If any other lower number of consec wins or losses occur per a set, the EA will not change the lot size, but will just start the new set with the same lot size as the previous set.

The idea is to increase the N_trades_per_set number higher to make the EA safer.

Try to test on strategy tester with N number of say 3 and then increase this number if the EA fails.

Some things it will depend on is the currency pair and the TP to SL ratio.

A TP and SL of 50 pips (4 digit pips) will be a good starting point. 100 may work well too.

The scale factor is the martingale scaling eg. 2x

The equity/100 000 is the initial lot size eg. $1000 /100 000= 0.01 and $3000/ 100 000= 0.03 etc.

USDJPY backtest no close on equity

USDJPY backtest no close on equity control points

backtest settings


Second EA file: N trades per set martingale + close and reset on equity increase:

has that extra parameter added. This EA seems more consistent and stable than the version with no close.

Default setting is equity +10 (if equity is $10 more than previous highest equity, close trades and reset)

USDJPY Backtest

Back test on USDJPY standard settings N trades per set martingale + close and reset on equity increase 2016 to 2019

start eq $2000

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