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2018.11.19 17:30
2021.03.26 00:25

4H Swing EA trades with 3 EMA's and "STOCHASTIC" indicator and swing strategy has Trailing Stop Loss &Take Profit works best on  4H & 1D  time frame major forex pairs and stocks NASDAQ.

Try it on demo first.

You choose how to trade: only with the price of open candle or every tick !

If you do not want to trade with increasing lot size when you lose  a trade set:"IncreaseFactor=0"


  • Lots - Lots size (values: 0.01-10).
  • MaximumRisk - maximum risk from total margin in %, (values: 0.01 - 0.3).
  • If "MaximumRisk =0" then "Lot=constant"
  • DecreaseFactor - decrease from total margin if you lose a trade.
  • Stop_Loss - Stop Loss (values: 10-100).
  • MagicNumber - Magic number (values: 1-100000).
  • TakeProfit - Take Profit (values: 10-100).
  •  STOC1=Stochastic K Period(values:5-20). 
  •  STOC2=Stochastic D Period(values:3-10).
  •  STOC3=Stochastic Slowing(values:5-10).
  •  MA1-Moving average (values:1-10).                                        
  •  MA2-Moving average (values:10-25).
  •  MA3-Moving average (values:40-100).
  • UseEquityStop -(values:true/false).
  • TotalEquityRisk- (values: 0.01-5).
  • Max_Trades(1-5). 
  • USETRAILINGSTOP-If use trailing stop (values:true/false).
  • WHENTOTRAIL-When to trail (values: 40-100).
  • TRAILAMOUNT-Trail amount (values: 40-100).
  • Distance From Candle -Distance From Candle (values: 1-100).
  • USECANDELTRAIL=If use trailing stop (values:true/false).
  • X=2-number of candles (values: 1-100).
  • USEMOVETOBREAKEVEN-Enable " break even " (values: true/false).
  • WHENTOMOVETOBE-When to move break even (values: 1-30).
  • PIPSTOMOVESL=30-How much pips to move stop loss  (values: 1-30).

You need to optimize this EA once  a week and use the exact same  inputs from above .

You can use it as  hedging grid EA or a single trade EA.

    CycleMarketOrder(GRID TRADE CODE) CycleMarketOrder(GRID TRADE CODE)

    This Expert Advisor is for the grid trade. Market order is repeated in a single direction at fixed intervals.

    BB Swing BB Swing

    BB Swing EA trades with "BOLINGER BANDS" indicator and swing strategy has Trailing Stop Loss &Take Profit works best on 1H & 4H time frame major forex pairs and stocks NASDAQ.

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    Color MACD Color MACD

    MACD indicator, red color mean bullish, blue color mean bearish.