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EasySet Panel

EasySet Panel

FREE for a limited time!

Description - Simple to use discrete Panel to help with trade set up and Risk Management. Simply set you preferences and drag and drop the Entry, Stop and Limit lines to where you would like them, all Lotsize calculations are worked out for you automatically then all you have to do is press the trade button. Also Market Entry Option is available so just Set your Stop and Limit lines to enter your Market at price.

Trading styles Covered :- 

  • Percent of Account (  Example Risk 2% )
  • Account currency Figure ( Risk £10 )
  • Max ( Put the MAX your Account will allow for single trade only)

Also features easy to place alarm lines, one UPPER and one LOWER line and will send Notification if these lines are crossed.

How to use :-

1. Press the plus button
2. Chose Max or Percent/Fixed amount
(For percent or fixed amount change figure in box to your preference)
3. Click lines 
4. Choose MKT for Market order set up or ENT for Entry order set up
5. Drag lines to where you want the entry, limit and stop
6. Press trade and the trade will be set
7. Press lines again to delete the lines
8. Press Delete to get rid of lines alarms and pending orders

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Версия 1.1 2019.04.19
Now added Risk - Reward and Risk Reward Ratio quick view.