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Dynamic Support and Resistance

Dynamic Support and Resistance is the collective work of three traders with several decades worth of experience trading all financial markets.  The math behind these levels is unlike anything ever produced in the public trading world.  Dynamic S&R is a tool to measure ranging markets, trending markets, and aids in catching the turns of the trends when combined with Dynamic PriceWraps.  Dynamic S&R can be used for spot FX, futures, stocks, and is incredibly useful in options trading for all products as well.  The formulas are geometrically derived and are compared against several prior price bars on any given chart for determining the most up to date whereabouts for current S&R.

Renko charts?  Tick charts?  Time charts?  Range charts?  All are fine for your use with Dynamic S&R.  

Dynamic S&R is an advanced trading tool meant for traders who are serious about elevating their results to previously unforeseen levels of profitability.  It is meant for those who will take the time to research their trading alongside Dynamic S&R and combine it to improve their results, or to create new strategies altogether.  Once you've spent some time behind the wheel with Dynamic S&R, your trading will never be the same again.

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