Project Interaction MT4/5

Project Interaction MT4/5

12 апреля 2022, 16:38
Ruslan Pishun

Demonstration of the strategy: 

Instructions for running multi-currency testing on MetaTrader 5

Project Interaction MT4 -

Project Interaction MT5 -

Recommendations for the strategy tester:

  • GMT setting = GMT mode
    • GMT Winter = Set up a GMT for your broker.
    • GMT summer = Set up a GMT for your broker.

For real trading, the GMT is configured automatically:

Descriptions of important parameters

1) Enable and disable currency pairs

2) Enable and disable Timeframe

3) Custom risk setting.


User_Balance = 3000;

Add_to_User_Balance [%] = 10 -    parameter addition for balance for a smooth transition to a new lot.

Lot_on_every = 0.02;

The lot size is increased automatically by the growth of the balance in two. 

If the current balance is $ 3300 or less then the lot will be 0.02, if the balance increase to $ 6600 or more then the lot will be 0.04, if the balance increased to 13200 or more then the lot will be 0.06 and so on.

4) Parameters for simultaneous trading on multiple Symbols and Timeframe:

5) Settings for the total reserve to split the loss into all Symbols:

5.1) Setting up to create a percentage of a custom balance for a loss on an order:

5.2) Use the loss distribution system for all symbols and timeframes:

5.3) The percentage of loss on the order to start the redistribution of losses across all symbols and timeframes:

5.4) By how much: symbols and timeframes to divide losses on the order:

6) Button to close all orders.

When you click on the " close all orders" button, the EA will close all its orders and will not trade.

Note: to unlock the BUTTON, press the "open lock"button.

To enable EA, click the "Trade no" button:

7) Download all set files.

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