Set - files and customizable parameters of the expert  URBAN_ZONE

Set - files and customizable parameters of the expert URBAN_ZONE

15 апреля 2019, 10:16
Dzmitry Urbanovich

Set - files and customizable parameters of the expert


TimeFrame H1

Recommended currency pairs are indicated for each .set file separately.

(lists of currency pairs will be regularly edited)

Set files:

1) Set - N1 - designed for trading in intraday (short) positions




2) Set - N2 - designed for trading in middle positions






3) Set - N3 - designed for trading in long positions (any currency pairs)

Top scores:








In long positions, deals will not open much, since the distance between zones is large, and market entry is only from zones, but one order can carry you to Profit for thousands of points. Excellent risk ratio Loos and Profit.

Download Set files.

1) Download the suggested options and copy them into the << File -> open data directory -> MQL4 -> Presets >> , then reboot the terminal

2) open the chart of the necessary currency pair, click 2 times on the adviser URBAN_ZONE (in the section << Navigator -> Experts >> )

3) in the settings window that appears, click << Download >> and select one of the options

Adjustable parameters of the Expert URBAN_ZONE.

1) Fractal is an indicator necessary for market verification of the URBAN ZONE advisor. It should be disabled (false)

2) DeleteLevelsEnd - removes the zones drawn by the indicator after it is turned off (true)

3) MaxNagging (in pips) - the maximum distance between the zone and the opening of the candle, according to which the adviser makes a decision about entering the market

4) VirtStopLoss - distance (in pips) from the opposite border of the zone from which we enter the market to StopLoss

5) RealStopLoss (in pips) - a parameter for limiting losses in case of loss of communication with a broker

6) MaxLoss - maximum loss (in% of balance) of one network of orders

7) DynamicLot - the cost of 1 point (in% of balance) for 1 network of orders

8) FixLot - fixed total lot for the network of orders if the previous parameter is not specified

9) LotOrder1 - order volume 1 (in% of the total volume of the order network) . The network is divided into 2 orders: 1 - short (hedge), 2 - long (profitable)

10) KTakeProfit - TakeProfit coefficient - premature closing of orders without waiting for the next zone to touch

11) MaxSpread - maximum Spread (in points) at which it is allowed to enter the market

12) Slippage - maximum slippage (in pips)

13) MaxAttemp - the maximum number of attempts to open or close an order

14) PauseAttemp - the initial pause in ms between attempts to open or close an order. Needed to rebuild zones and more accurate entry / exit

15) MaxPartBar - the maximum part of the bar (in points) that leaves the zone to enter the market - the parameter serves to limit StopLoss during a sharp jump in the market and the occurrence of very large candles when entering the market. Since StopLoss is set in points from the opposite border of the zone and it is likely that the zone will be tested further before orders are closed or even broken, a very large bar will create a large distance to StopLoss, which can lead to a large drawdown or a large loss.

16) MinZone - the minimum height (in points) of the zone to enter the market - too small zones create a high risk of breakdown and closing of the order by StopLoss

17) TrailingStop (in points) - TrailingStop for the first (hedging) order

18) TrailingStep - the distance (in points) from the price to the entry point at the time of switching on the TrailingStop . TrailingStep for the first (hedging) order

19) MinTakeProfit - the minimum number of points from TBU (a point without a loss) before closing orders is a parameter of the minimum possible profit, if it is impossible to reach which, at the moment of entering the market, orders will not be opened.

20) Magic - magic number

21) Fractal indicator settings

Big request

All questions and discussions on the work of the adviser, please send me a personal message to make it easier to understand the essence of the history of correspondence and provide the most prompt support


Before placing an expert on a real account, test a couple of days on a demo in terms of your broker. If you have any questions or difficulties with optimization, then take screenshots and send us. Our specialists will promptly help you in solving your questions and in difficulties with optimization

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