The principle of the trading system Urban Zone

The principle of the trading system Urban Zone

10 июня 2019, 14:48
Volha Loyeva

The principle of the trading system Urban Zone

All market conditions, all its movements, as is known, are dictated by STRONG PLAYERS. And the older the timeframe, the stronger the players are located there. This is the basis of the principle of work of the Urban Zone advisor.

Urban Zone, in a sense, a trend advisor. The Zone indicator used in trading is required to find these strong price levels of concentration of major players. At these levels, for some time, the schedule may be in a consolidation mode, but after that a trend movement necessarily occurs, at which the Urban Zone earns its profit mountains.

There are not many entry points on higher timeframes, but they are strong enough. Urban Zone does not take the number of inputs, it does not make a lot of them a month, but even with minimal risk and a minimum lot it can bring up to 100% profit per month. The only thing is that you need to wait for the entry point and wait out a possible consolidation zone.


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