Update Urban Zone 1.3 (24.06)

Update Urban Zone 1.3 (24.06)

22 июня 2019, 15:09
Volha Loyeva

Update Urban Zone 1.3

1. Changes in the structure of the expert's algorithms

- in addition to the long-term positions, short-term trading has been revised (consolidation mode)

2. hedge warrant

- reduced risk load on hedge order. Urban Zone received even more space, which makes it possible to avoid short-term position closures

- changed the redistribution of lot volumes relative to the main orders

3. Transfer of orders through the weekend

- the risk control algorithm was changed under adverse market conditions, which allows not to close orders at the end of the trading week to open them at the beginning of the next

Attention! Based on the changes in the structure of the work of the Urban Zone , the recommended changes in the parameter of the N1 and N2 sets also occurred. Be sure to install the new set files .

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