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Marker Bands Pro MT5

We are glad to introduce you to our new indicator. We have perfected this indicator to make it more profitable and successful than any other.  Marker Brands Pro is created by using an exclusive algorithm to indicate you (Buy ➚ ➘ Sell) in an accurate way all the possibles reversals within a normalized trending bands.  It also indicates you “the golden trade” a term created to indicate a very profitable operation.

🌟 The main goal🌟 for this algorithm is to achieve huge profitable movements and aggressive retracement.

THE  G✪LDEN TRADE is the perfect order: For those orders that had the perfect entry price. They were ALWAYS in profit, or the final profits are much higher than the possible losses. Through the settings you can select different parameters (proportions) of golden trade production.

 The trading system is suitable for experienced traders and beginners.

 The signals can be used for manual trading (short-term or long-term trading), scalping or binaries.

                                                     >>>> Simple to Use, Better Value & Profitable Features <<<<


  • Excellent precision and adaptability to the market 

  • Accurately calculate the market trend normalization

  • It calculates and indicates (buy ➚ sell➘)  the best moment to make a reversal operation

  • It signals (if you want & select) the Take Profits and Trailing Stop Loss

  • Excellent precision and adaptability to the market  

  • Accurately calculate the market trend normalization

  • It includes a dashboard which shows the statistics of the average movements of the signals ➚ ➘ and the score rate of success of the calculation, which will help you to decide your next stop loss or profit.


  • Works in all the time frames, pairs, symbols

  • Very visual and simple to use it 

  • Included all the sound alerts

  • No minimum account balance

  • Possibility to change the settings instantly

➤ Contact here: SKYPE: mathematictrading


HOW TO USE IT (2 simple steps)

Step 1.-  Attach the indicator and select the parameters of the band buffer that works better for you (width, color, period). 

✐Note: there is no need to set up any period, we have already calculate and set up the period that according our algorithms it works efficiently. However you can modify it as you like. 

✐Note: The width of the bands determine the possibility of reversals. To bear in mind (+ narrow + reversals)

✐ Note: If you want you can modify the colors and the size of the indicators ➚ ➘ 

Step 2.- Wait for a signal and buy it or sell it.


                                                                               ⭑⭑We only offer Products worth buying ⭑⭑


> Bands Buffer: Volatility multiplier, to define the distance between the upper and lower band.
> Bands Period: Period for the calculation of the Bands. 
> Signals Period: Period for the calculation of the Signals.
> Arrow Settings: Size and color of the bearish and bullish arrows.
> Alert Settings: Pop up alerts, email or notifications.
> Show DashBoard: Show or hide the Dashboard.
> Take Profit Target: Volatility multiplier to define the Take Profit Level (the happy face) (for the Dashboard simulation)
> Stop Loss Target: Volatility multiplier to define the Stop Loss (for the Dashboard simulation)
> Golden Proportion: Minimum relation between and “profit” and “loss” to be considered one Golden Trade.

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