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LinLit mq5 EURAUD

LinLit mq5 EURAUD is fully automated EA.

The input parameters are optimized for EURAUD - M15 time frame

We use, Envelopes, Volumes and Money Flow Index indicators


  • EA Settings: Use default settings.
  • Symbol: EURAUD.
  • Time Frame: M15.
  • Brokers: ECN brokers, low spread/commission, 1:400 leverage, non-FIFO or FIFO.
  • Minimum Deposit: $200 USD.


  • Entry lot size: Initial lot size
  • Stop Loss: Stop Loss (pips)
  • Take Profit: Take Profit (pips)
  • Envelopes: Indicator Settings
  • Money Flow Index: Indicator Settings
  • Magic Number: Magic Number

Nikolay Gaylis
Nikolay Gaylis 2019.01.14 06:14 

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