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Hi, I need a grid system with overlapping for my experts. The in parameters are this three: GridSize (distance from orders) Martingale (fixed multiplier) Overlapping (percentage to partially close series) Attach the mq4 code
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Scripts Integration Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy modules Forex 2018.02.09
50 - 70 USD
I need a script that places a buy limit order on the fibonacci retraction of 38.2% that I plotted, when the market is above that retraction or a sell limit order in fibonacci retraction of 38.2% when the market is below of this retraction. The stop loss should be put at 0% and the target 61.8%
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Scripts Forex Futures 2018.02.06
30+ USD
Hello I need an indicator that will turn the whole chart black except the areas where the MACD crossed above/below its signal line, parameters will be added by the user, timeframe could be different than the one that im working on i.e working on the Weekly chart while the indicator is setup to work on the daily chart "if possible" Which parts of the chart should it show and which should not 1-If the MACD is below the
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Indicators Scripts Custom graphics Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex Futures Stocks Options 2017.12.22
Create script to manage manually open entry (personal job)
30+ USD
to create script that manage my manual entry.. the script will take over to martingale my manual entry fail to reach target.. input needed take profit,stop loss,martingale step,multiplier,max trades allow to open for each pair. for the stop loss if i put price for example 1.0000 for BUY position after martingale position fall below this price all entry will be delete/cut loss for the pair..this because to reduce the
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Scripts Design Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex Product Design 2017.10.11
50 - 100 USD
:) Hello Sir, I have an MQL5 expert advisor, which is working perfectly well Right now, it calculates lot size on the basis of a simple standard formula i.e. Auto Lot Size = Risk Per Trade % / Stop Loss I want to update it with a custom money management feature which automatically calculates the lot size for the next trade with reference to the current account balance status i.e. if the account balance has increased
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Experts Scripts Statistics and mathematics Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex Strategy optimization 2017.08.14
30 - 150 USD
Hi all freelancer. I Need Trade Copier. I will open trades in Master and all ofclients will copy these trades. All features will be like a normal trade copier but 1 willbe on my demand. New feature is add or remove currency pair extension. Few ofbroker offer currency pair like EURUSD.f .f is extension and I need power in master and client to addor remove this extension. For example. In Master account all of currency
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Experts Scripts Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Strategy modules Forex Futures Options 2017.08.12
30 - 90 USD
2 separate scripts: BUY Topup Script and opposite SELL Topup script BUY Topup script Initial BUY Order Open 1 Market Order with TP - when TP is hit close all Orders. No SL - very important. Topup 1 Order Open 1 Pending Order with SL - when SL is hit close all Orders. No TP - closed by Initial BUY Order Topup 2 Order Open 1 Pending Order with SL - when SL is hit close all Orders. No TP - closed by Initial BUY Order
6 Applications
Experts Scripts Forex 2017.08.10
35 - 100 USD
The Expert Advisor places a market order then ONE STOP and x numbers of LIMIT ORDERS with the specified step in account currency. Orders have the take profit level set at the distance of grid step + x in account currency. Once a position opened by EA becomes profitable of x$ (specified in the settings) close that position by opening a pending one to replace that closed position.eg: SELL 0.05 EURUSD opened @1.17600
2 Applications
Experts Scripts Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex Futures 2017.07.29
30 - 40 USD
Robot Requirements : The Robot has to work on all COIN PARS and METALS and in All Graphics ( M1/ M5 / M15 / M30 / H1 / D1 / W1/ MN ) Variables : STOP LOSS - Show the minimum STOP LOSS required and include a FIELD to increase a Percentage over the Minumum Required. TAKE PROFIT - Show the minimum STOP LOSS possible and include a FIELD to increase a Percentage over the Minumum Required. TRAILLING STOP - Show the
7 Applications
Experts Scripts Forex 2017.07.24