Algotrading Mentor Python/MQL5


I am currently studying algotrading and would like to hire a mentor to guide me through the learning process. So far these are the things i can do. 

  1. Essential Python for algotrading (data struct, panda, numpy)
  2. Setting up for strategy back testing
  3. Setting up a basic SMA backtet strategy using
  4. Setting up a basic SMA strategy using
  5. Forward testing a basic SMA strat using fxcmpy

I am not so sure how to proceed after this. Of course the end goal is to be able to create a profitable trading bot. The mentor will be responsible in guiding me on what topics and resources I should study on. Unstuck me if ever I am not able to resolve a problem that I cant solve. Most of communication will be through chat/email. This is what I have made so far.

I'm willing to switch to MQL5 or stick with Python depending on your recommendation and our discussion.

Project information

30 - 100 USD
For the developer
27 - 90 USD
from 30 to 90 day(s)


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