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reactivate metatraeder 4 account

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I created an account while ago on Metatrader 4 and after few months I stopped using it for couple weeks. When I tried to reenter again it didnt work. Would that be because i didnt use it for a while?


In the right down corner shows up eighter comun error eighter no connected. 

I filled  up my user name and my password and still doesnt work.

As well I erased from my PC the Metatrader 4 application and I tried to reinstall again, but shows me something like I am already registered and doesnt let me create another account.

Past almost a month since I could not use Metatrader 4. DRIVES ME CRAZY.

I contacted with company various times and didnt give me any answer back.  Why they dont reply back to the emails???  Whats wrong with this peolpe??????????


Hopefully somebody can give me a solution.


Thank you! 



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