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broker indices micro

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emeric de Monteville
emeric de Monteville 2015.05.13 23:59 


Do you know a broker where I can trade indices (FRA40 GER30 SNP500 ...) with micro or nano lots?

 Thank you  

Dr.Trader 2015.05.14 00:26  

Hi, I have seen indices on Activtrades MT4 account ( MT5 account probably have them too.

You can use 0.01 lot there as minimal. Cent account are not available.

Only problem is that their indices expire every few months and they create a new one. For example Ger30 is actually called Ger30Jun15 in market watch, it means that in june-2015 this trading symbol will be removed, and all trades closed according to last price. At the same time they will open new trading symbol called Ger30Aug2015 so its still possible to trade. also they claim to be paying dividents for long position.

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