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Questions Simple But Important

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As a humble newby and hardworking pappa, I wish to get advice from the experienced:

a).  google search said almost 50% of fx trades in US are robot orders... is that true? Similar article said 40% of trade are done by autotrade/robots etc. Is it true?

b).  do these autotrade have an unfair advantage over the non-autotrade small, new fx investor like me?

c).  anyone would know or try to guess how much share or % the MQL4/5 trading has in the daily fx trade of US4trillion?

d).  Is MQL4/5 a significant community and participant in the fx market on top of central bank, interbank, hedge fund or other big groups?

e).  MQL5 has introduction video, opening an account , topup via paypal, choose signal provider with good performance and proper risk it too good to be true?

f).  how the fund of the subscriber is being protected?  how a signal provider's chosen broker and it's MT4/5 account impact him/herself and the subscriber?  Heard too many about brokers' slippage, widen spread after you win, T&C to restrict your withdrawal, or give your account Tech problem when your win caught their nerve.


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