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Zero lag super smoother: Zero lag super smoother Author: Mladen Rakic
Value Chart Deluxe Edition: Value Chart as developed by David Stendhal. Value Chart was designed to show the valuation of the market. Author: madhatt30
Volatility_Arbitrage: The Volatility Arbitrage indicator Author: Scriptor
New article Automata-Based Programming as a New Approach to Creating Automated Trading Systems is published: This article takes us to a whole new direction in developing EAs, indicators and scripts in MQL4 and MQL5. In the future, this programming paradigm will gradually become the base standard...
PCR: The PCR (Percent Retracement) indicator shows the maximum distance by which the price has moved away from the highest High in the specified range. Author: Scriptor
Exp_XAng_Zad_C_Tm_MMRec: A trading system using the XAng_Zad_C trend-following indicator with the possibility to set a fixed trading time interval and change the volume of a forthcoming trade depending on the results of the previous trades. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
MultiWajdyss_Ichimoku_x10: MultiWajdyss_Ichimoku_x10 shows information on the current trends, using the colors of the Wajdyss_Ichimoku_Candle indicator from ten different timeframes. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
MAE: The MAE (Moving Average Envelopes Percentage) indicator shows the price as a percentage of the Envelopes channel. Author: Scriptor
DZP_Trend: The DZP Trend indicator displays the market state as a detrended oscillator, i.e. the trend component is removed from the price, thus showing a clearer picture of the price movement. Author: Scriptor
Market Capture: A scalping Expert Advisor based on the "Market Capture" strategy. Author: Vladimir Karputov
RSI_Histogram_Vol_HTF: The RSI_Histogram_Vol indicator with the ability to change the timeframe using input parameters. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
WPVH: The Wyckoff PV Histogram indicator Author: Scriptor
Valid_Swing_HighLow: The Valid Swing HighLow indicator Author: Scriptor
Trendless_OS: The Trendless OS DiNapoli indicator Author: Scriptor
Russian20-hp1: An Expert Advisor based on iMA (Moving Average, MA) and iMomentum (Momentum). Author: Vladimir Karputov
LinearRegressionChannel_Cloud: The linear regression channel, which saves its values ​​in the indicator buffers and fills the channel background with color Author: Nikolay Kositsin
StepMA_3D_v3: A trend indicator with three moving averages having different periods, using the Average True Range in calculations. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Blue Renko Bars: An indicator for constructing Renko bars in the chart sub-window. Author: Artur Smorodin
Trend_Risk_Indicator: The Trend Risk indicator Author: Scriptor
TMAGi: The TMAGi indicator Author: Scriptor
T3: The T3 Moving Average indicator Author: Scriptor
NRMA: The Nick Rypoсk Moving Average indicator Author: Scriptor
Modified_Moving_Average: The Modified Moving Average indicator Author: Scriptor
MA_Signal: The MA signal indicator Author: Scriptor
Investor_Preference_Index: The Investor Preference Index indicator Author: Scriptor
CCI_Histogram_Vol: The Commodity Channel Index oscillator displayed as a color histogram, using volumes. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
GD: The Generalized DEMA moving average Author: Scriptor
RSI_Histogram_Vol: The Relative Strength Index oscillator displayed as a color histogram, using volumes. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Exp_Trading_Channel_Index: A trading system based on the Trading_Channel_Index oscillator signals. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Exp_Trend_Intensity_Index: A trading system based on the Trend_Intensity_Index oscillator signals. Author: Nikolay Kositsin