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Indicators: Average (Breakeven) Price Indicator

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Automated-Trading 2014.11.28 11:32 

Average (Breakeven) Price Indicator:

This indicator draws a horizontal line at the Average/Breakeven Price for multiple positions.

Average (Breakeven) Price Indicator

Author: Agostinho Jorge Oliveira

Taufiq 2015.03.11 18:17  

Thank you Agostinho.

I've been long looking for this. No need manual calculating now.

Nicolas Zouein
Nicolas Zouein 2015.05.05 17:31  
Thank You
bobotrader 2015.10.22 17:40  
very nice, thanks !!!
Taufiq 2016.03.31 09:06  

Hello Agostinho,

Can you make the Avg Price stays on one corner, not on the line please?

Thank you very much.

Topan Redda Hasanuddin
Topan Redda Hasanuddin 2016.03.31 11:28  
Thank you
John Law
John Law 2016.06.06 18:18  

It is a really nice addition to MT4, and I use it a lot !  Thank you!

BUT: somehow, the lot/price info will ONLY paint in white. So either I am stuck to black background charts, or I cannot see the text at all when on a white background.

Perhaps the latest Mt4 build is causing this? 


It would indeed be nice to be able to change the Text color into black, for example.

Currently, I see NO effect when I change the text color: everything remains printed on the charts in WHITE. 

Could you please have a look at this? Thx! 

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