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Bollinger Bands %b: This is Bollinger Bands %b indicator for MetaTrader 5. It is all about the relationship between price and the Upper and Lower Bands. Author: pumper
StringArraySuite.mqh: Functions for handling two dimensional string arrays. Usefull for prototyping. Author: sx ted
Power of USD: Power of USD indicator shows actual strength of currency USD calculated of 7 pairs that contain USD.Indicator can be used for strategies based on mean reversion and/or correlation. Included pairs: EUR USD, AUD USD, NZD USD, GBP USD, USD JPY, USD CAD, USD CHF. Author: JAN OPOCENSKY
Bot indica : We use the ADX and Moving average convergence divergence (MACD) to estimate trend strength, and determine possible variance value by comparing the difference between the two lows and highs. Author: TRADERTAM
Waddah Attar Scalping: Waddah Attar Scalping indicator Shows you quick Trend. Author: waddah attar
  Experts: Manual Hedging  (16   1 2)
Manual Hedging: Manual Hedging EA is an advanced hedging trade manualy, each time you press the "Start" button, a sequence of trades begins ,When the market goes against you by certain number of pips, you open an opposite trade by a trade with slightly bigger lot size. Author: Aharon...
  Experts: ThreeBreaky  (19   1 2)
ThreeBreaky: Multisystem of Volatility Breakout Author: Fabio Cavalloni
Open with break MA: This indicator shows when to open positon. If it break above moving average 5 line its time to buy and break below sell... and break more moving average 20 that more strong buy and sell. Author: reza rahmad
Attractive Market Watch List for Potential Entries MT4 : Are you tired and lost when it comes to creating an attractive market watch list ? You always see pro traders creating an attractive market watch list in which they draw support/resistance and create all possible scenario ? Well we will guide
  Expert Advisors: FAT PANEL  (19   1 2)
FAT PANEL: The Panel Designed for "Best Graphic Panel in MQL5" Contest. This graphic panel allows to automate manual trading. It has many functions, including the visual construction of trading strategies.This graphic panel allows to automate manual trading. It has many functions, including the...
New article MetaTrader 5 and MATLAB Interaction is published: This article covers the details of interaction between MetaTrader 5 and MatLab mathematical package. It shows the mechanism of data conversion, the process of developing a universal library to interact with MatLab desktop. It also covers...
New article SQL and MQL5: Working with SQLite Database has been published: This article is intended for developers who would be interested in using SQL in their projects. It explains the functionality and advantages of SQLite. The article does not require special knowledge of SQLite functions, yet...
Vervoort's crossover - tape: Vervoort's crossover - tape Author: Mladen Rakic
Range Follower : this expert opens trade in the direction of the trend when specific rate of average daily range has been passed. Author: Mokara
Day_Of_Week_Lables: Day of week indicator Author: Scriptor
DayOfWeekLabels: The indicator shows days of the week on the price chart. Author: Scriptor
New article Creating a Multi-Currency Indicator, Using a Number of Intermediate Indicator Buffers is published: There has been a recent rise of interest in the cluster analyses of the FOREX market. MQL5 opens up new possibilities of researching the trends of the movement of currency pairs. A key...
Get Last Deal History : This script is to get the last deal history data, for example : profit, deal type, etc, and put the Comment on the chart. Author: Donald Reeves Sihombing
EA based on indicator SAR, ADX and SMA 100: This EA is in MQL5 language and is based on: SMA (Simple Moving Average) with period 100 bar,ADX (Average Directional Movement Index) period 14 bar,SAR (Parabolic SAR) indicator.I'm testing it now on period over 15 min in various crosses. Author: Mauro...
CloseDeleteEA: This Expert Advisor closes all open positions and pending orders.It is possible to close only buy or sell orders, market or pending orders, positions with profit or loss.For more information about the expert/utility you can to visit the product's page: https://www.mql5...
New article MQL5 Cookbook - Pivot trading signals has been published: The article describes the development and implementation of a class for sending signals based on pivots — reversal levels. This class is used to form a strategy applying the Standard Library. Improving the pivot strategy by adding...
BPNN MQL Predictor Demo with library: This is a demo indicator with BPNN neural network library ported from C++ to MQL. Author: Stanislav Korotky
New article Timeseries in DoEasy library (part 44): Collection class of indicator buffer objects has been published: The article deals with creating a collection class of indicator buffer objects. I am going to test the ability to create and work with any number of buffers for indicators (the
Vertical line: The indicator draws a vertical line (OBJ_VLINE) and then moves it to the specified time (hours and minutes). Author: Vladimir Karputov
AutoTrendLinien: Autotrendlinien generates a channel in the direction of an existing trend. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
New article Library for easy and quick development of MetaTrader programs (part XVII): Interactivity of library objects has been published: In this article, we are going to finish the development of the base object of all library objects, so that any library object based on it is able to interact
CandleColorMidPoint: Colored Middle Point of candles Author: Scriptor
Proxy - structural design pattern : Provide a surrogate or placeholder for another object to control access to it Author: DMITRII PECHERITSA
New article Creating a Multi-Currency Multi-System Expert Advisor has been published: I believe there are quite a few traders who trade more than one trading symbol and use multiple strategies. This approach does not only allow you to potentially increase your profit but to also minimize the risk...
Correlation market state : Correlation market state Author: Mladen Rakic