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iMax3: iMAX3 indicator - Fast Trend Detector Author: Scriptor
New article The Golden Rule of Traders has been published: In order to make profits based on high expectations, we must understand three basic principles of good trading: 1) know your risk when entering the market; 2) cut your losses early and allow your profit to run; 3) know the expectation of...
Candle Size Info: This simple indicator shows information about size of candle in pips, include size of the shadow. It's very useful too Binary Options operations. Author: Janderson FFerreira
Average (Breakeven) Price Indicator: This indicator draws a horizontal line at the Average/Breakeven Price for multiple positions. Author: Agostinho Jorge Oliveira
New article MQL5 Cookbook: Getting properties of an open hedge position has been published: MetaTrader 5 is a multi-asset platform. Moreover, it supports different position management systems. Such opportunities provide significantly expanded options for the implementation and formalization of...
New article 100 best optimization passes (part 1). Developing optimization analyzer has been published: The article dwells on the development of an application for selecting the best optimization passes using several possible options. The application is able to sort out the optimization results by a...
Forex market session indicator: This indicator shows the session of the four major forex markets:Sydeny,Tokyo,London and New York. It is helpful for day trader. Author: OldZ
RSI divergence candles: RSI divergence candles Author: Mladen Rakic 
History Deals and Orders: The 'History Deals and Orders' script shows absolutely all properties of deals and orders from the trading history over a given time interval. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Adaptive ATR: Adaptive ATR Author: Mladen Rakic
Export Positions History: The script exports history of closed positions to .csv file. It supports only retail hedging accounts (Forex). To export the entire trading history, keep Start date and End date at their default values (1970.01.01 00:00:00). You can see that all the closed...
Export Deals History: Export history of deals ordered by close time from a retail hedging account to .csv file. Author: amrali
DownloadHistory: Symbol for downloading the history data for the current symbol with indication of progress. Author: Artem Temnikov
Simpler Trend: Get a grasp of the current trend by candle colors. Although there are many similar indicators out there, this particular one is based on code previously published by Mladen Rakic and incorporates a number of improvements, part of which was added following user request in...
boring-ea2: Detects intersections between MA3, MA20 and MA150. Author: lucenacp
  Experts: News Hour Trade (65   1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
News Hour Trade: Expert Advisor I have developed for News Time Trading (set time and leave it). Author: SHERIFF Hassan
  Scripts: Modify SL TP (12   1 2)
Modify SL TP: This script is used to modify Stop Loss and Take Profit. Author: Ziheng Zhuang
Exposure: This script reads all opened position and calculates their exposure for each currency. It's useful if there are many positions. Author: IvanBG
One Click (Hot Key Alt-C) close all order and take screen for keep your trading journal: 1) Close all order on the Symbol Chart 2) Take screen for keep a Trading Journal Author: pingpong68
3D Oscilator: An oscillator that signals in case of trend changing. Author: Collector
Volatility ratio: Volatility ratio Author: Mladen Rakic
Dōteki Heikin Ashi (Dynamic Average Leg): A dynamic version of the standard Heikin Ashi indicator (code compatible with both MQL4 or MQL5). Author: Fernando Carreiro
  Experts: MARTINGALE VI HYBRID (98   1 2 3 4 5 ... 9 10)
MARTINGALE VI HYBRID: This EA enters trades according to the conditions of two "Moving Averages". If the trade goes in the opposite direction after a predetermined number of pips, then it opens another trade in the same direction of the first trade....
OandaX OrderBook Chart: The OandaX OrderBook Chart indicator is designed for displaying the history histogram of orders or positions history on the instrument with reference to the chart scale. Author: Andrei Trukhanovich
Bars and Rates Information Utility, displays how many bars there are in all timeframes for any user selected symbol, and shows the 'CopyRates' information availablity for any bar: This utility is not a trading or market information utility. This will likely only interest those writing (or...
NonLagDot: Nonlagdot is the supply and demand indicator that calculates a possible trend considering market forces domination. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Colored MA: In this field give a brief description of your script (1-2 sentences). Author: Денис Орлов
Volatility quality - zero line: Short description. Author: Mladen Rakic
Awesome Oscillator Divergence: This indicator will plot divergence lines on the Awesome_Oscillator indicator and will give buy and sell signal by displaying arrows.  It also has a built-in Show_alert, Play_Sound, Send_Email & Send_Notification function. This indicator based on...
Relative ATR: Shows what % the current ATR is relative to it's historical value. Author: uwy