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Instant Execution: Instant execution button to close profit orders, close all orders, auto close by trailing parameter. Author: Gusti Risyadi Noor
Easy Canvas: The library and iCanvas class simplify writing programs using Canvas. Author: Nikolai Semko
Volatility ratio: Volatility ratio Author: Mladen Rakic
N trades per set Martingale: Will scale up after N consec losses and will reset after same amount of consec wins Author: Brian Rumbles
MACD Stochastic 2: iMACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence, MACD) with adjustable timeframes and a Stochastic of the current timeframe. Author: Vladimir Karputov
New article Projects assist in creating profitable trading robots! Or at least, so it seems has been published: A big program starts with a small file, which then grows in size as you keep adding more functions and objects. Most robot developers utilize include files to handle this problem. However
EveningStar: The indicator shows the "Evening Star" pattern. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Check Margin : required margin and maximum volume calculator. Author: Mokara
EMA on RSI : Calculates a Exponential Moving Average based on RSI Data, instead of the regular Pricing data. Simple and and to the point. Author: TheCoder
StatementToGraph: Graphic displaying of the statement, carring of a data from the *.htm table to the graph, for the convenience of analysis. Author: Денис Орлов
s-Downloader (SingleTF, AllSymbols): The script downloads the historical quotes data of a single timeframe for all symbols in the market watch. Author: amrali 
Memento - behavioral design pattern : without violating encapsulation, capture and externalize an object's internal state so that the object can be restored to this state later Author: DMITRII PECHERITSA
CheckHistory - Check and load history function: Slightly modified history load function from MetaQuotes Author: Andrey Khatimlianskii
The best TIMES & DAYS our Strategy Works the best (Improve your Strategy) - MT5 : For day traders. 2 highly important indicators to turn strategies into extreme winning ones. The Win/Loss ratio and the Reward/Risk ratio will allow us to identify the best times and days our strategy works the best
OC Momentum: Simple oscillator with a histogram. Author: JAN OPOCENSKY
The "New bar" event handler for the indicators: This indicator will allow you to perform the recalculation of the indicator's data only when the new bar on the chart has appeared. The idea of this approach is described in the "New Bar" Event Handler article. The example of its use in the Expert...
DXYvsEXY_e1 for MT4 - Indicator for MetaTrader 4 : DXYvsEXY_e1 is a faster version of DXYvsEXY. Original code here: Author: Pedro Potter
New article Indicator for Renko charting has been published: Articles Indicator for Point and Figure charting and Indicator for Kagi charting described Point and Figure and "Kagi" indicators charting principles. Let's study one of the programming ways of creating Renko chart. The name "Renko" is...
Renko Indicator: RenkoLiveChart_v600 version 6 indicator converted from RenkoLiveChart_v600 version 6 Expert Advisor. Author: file45
Graphic Panel Contest: Graphic Panel Contest submission. Author: investeo 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Price Rate of Change (ROC): As you know, prices drop and grow in ondulatory way, in cycles. This cyclic movement is a result of change in investors' expectations and the price control fight between bulls and bears. Price Rate of Change (ROC) reflects this ondulatory movement like an oscillator,...
New article Library for easy and quick development of MetaTrader programs (part XXIII): Base trading class - verification of valid parameters has been published: In the article, we continue the development of the trading class by implementing the control over incorrect trading order parameter values
DT Oscillator: It is a DT oscillator as described by Robert Miner with some additional features. Author: Mladen Rakic
CComment Class: The ССomment class was designed to extend the capabilities of the standard Comment function. Its purpose is to display a multi-line comment on a panel. Methods of this class allow you to specify text color, font, style and line spacing. You can move the panel within the screen space...
ZigZag on Parabolic + Fibo + Channel: ZigZag indicator built using the values of the Parabolic SAR technical indicator with the added possibility to build Fibo levels on the last two indicator peaks and the channel generated with the use of three successive zigzag peaks with selection of these...
New article Introduction to MQL5: How to write simple Expert Advisor and Custom Indicator is published: MetaQuotes Programming Language 5 (MQL5), included in MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal, has many new possibilities and higher performance, compared to MQL4. This article will help you to get...
New article Trading with Donchian Channels has been published: In this article, we develop and tests several strategies based on the Donchian channel using various indicator filters. We also perform a comparative analysis of their operation. I will not reinvent the wheel and will not create another...
New article Forecasting Time Series (Part 1): Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) Method has been published: This article deals with the theory and practical use of the algorithm for forecasting time series, based on the empirical decomposition mode. It proposes the MQL implementation of this method
New article Reversal patterns: Testing the Head and Shoulders pattern has been published: This article is a follow-up to the previous one called "Reversal patterns: Testing the Double top/bottom pattern". Now we will have a look at another well-known reversal pattern called Head and Shoulders,...
New article The Golden Rule of Traders has been published: In order to make profits based on high expectations, we must understand three basic principles of good trading: 1) know your risk when entering the market; 2) cut your losses early and allow your profit to run; 3) know the expectation of...