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MTF_RSI: The Multi timeframes RSI indicator Author: Scriptor
MACD Cleaner: An Expert Advisor based on the iMACD indicator (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence, MACD) Author: Vladimir Karputov
Float_Pivot_Smoothed_Digit_System: The indicator implements a breakthrough system using the Float_Pivot_Smoothed_Digit channel. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
ColorMFI_X20_Cloud_HTF: The ColorMFI_X20_Cloud indicator with the possibility to change the indicator timeframe using input parameters Author: Nikolay Kositsin
ColorRSI_X20_Cloud_HTF: The ColorRSI_X20_Cloud indicator with the possibility to change the indicator timeframe using input parameters Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Dynamic averaging: The EA implements averaging of positions. The average iStdDev is calculated in a sliding window. Author: Vladimir Karputov
3TF_RSI_Average: Three timeframes RSI Average Author: Scriptor
3TF_Stochastic_Average: The Three timeframes Stochastic Average indicator Author: Scriptor
Tymen_STARC_Bands: The Tymen STARC Bands indicator Author: Scriptor
Tymen_STARC_Bands_MTF: The Multi timeframe Tymen STARC Bands indicator Author: Scriptor
Hull quad: Hull quad Author: Mladen Rakic
ZigZag Pointer: The indicator is similar to ASCTrend, in my opinion it is even better. Works by the system: High - Low. Author: John Smith
Easy Object: A simple way to manage graphical objects. Author: Mihail Lagutin
Extended normalized RSI: Extended normalized RSI Author: Mladen Rakic
Waddah Attar Explosion: Indicator Waddah_Attar_Explosion is very powerful. It alerts you to buy , sell , exit buy and exit sell. Author: waddah attar
Polychromatic Momentum - extended: Denis Meyers that invented Polychromatic Momentum, describes it as: Momentum is defined as the difference, or percent change, between the current bar and a bar some lookback period in the past. The major problem with using momentum based indicators is...
StopAndTake MT5: When run on the price chart, the script modifies stop loss or take profit of all open orders for the current instrument. Author: Dmitry Melnichenko
Self Advance Decline line - with floating levels: Self Advance Decline line - with floating levels Author: Mladen Rakic
Extended normalized RSI - on chart version: Extended normalized RSI - on chart version Author: Mladen Rakic
ATR Value Indicator: Displaying ATR (Average True Range) value in pips or points with option for setting multiplier. Author: Hossein Nouri
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Proper Bot: The Proper Bot is for those who like Martingale style trading. Features: Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing Stop Loss functions. All are calculated in POINTS. Author: Patrick Burns
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1MA: "1MA" EA trades with a strategy based on one 20 period moving average and has Trailing Stop Loss &Take Profit works on all time frames major forex pairs Author: Aharon Tzadik
On-chart RSI: On-chart RSI Author: Mladen Rakic
Rsi(oma) on chart: Rsi of average (rsioma) on chart version Author: Mladen Rakic
Stochastic on chart: Stochastic on chart Author: Mladen Rakic
Normalized RSI: Normalized RSI Author: Mladen Rakic
New article DiNapoli levels trading has been published: The article considers one of the variants for Expert Advisor practical realization to trade DiNapoli levels using MQL5 standard tools. Its performance is tested and conclusions are made. Initial points of the strategy - Fibonacci levels are 38...
SelfLearningExperts: Selflearning Expert Advisor Author: Дмитрий
NeuroNirvamanEA: The trading system is based on a simple neural network. Author: Vladimir Karputov
ClearView - PricePointer, RoundNumberMarker, PeriodSeparator plus template: Enhance your charts by adding intelligent markers for important price points and the start/end of year/month/week/day/session Includes a price pointer that changes color whenever price is near an important price point (e.g....