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Coppock: The Coppock indicator shows long-term opportunities for buying or selling. Author: Vladimir Lyopa
ROBOT Trading Entries : Are you tired of getting beaten down by volatile market all the time because you are not fast enough and sometimes you loss control ? Well I am and that is why I created this EA to help me trade potential entries by setting up the trend, my position size and the Maximum
Camarilla Level Pivots: Camarilla Level Pivots. Author: oneoleguy
iMAX3alert Fast trend alert indicator.: A useful well behaved stand alone chart tool for traders, and a practical demonstration and application of principles used in the iMAX3 indicator previously submitted. Author: Wiley
Kuskus Starlight: Indicator Kuskus Starlight. Author: John Smith
  Indicators: SSL  (2)
SSL: Indicator SSl. Author: John Smith
New article Create Your Own Trading Robot in 6 Steps! is published: If you don't know how trade classes are constructed, and are scared of the words "Object Oriented Programming", then this article is for you. In fact, you do not need to know the details to write your own module of trading signals....
Reflex: Reflex indicator (based on February 2020 TASC article by John Ehlers - metatrader 4 version) Author: Mladen
Script to close all negative trades first and then followed by positive trades : Usually when we close all trades, it is always from the last trades to the first one. Therefore, there will be positive and negative trades jumble up your closing trades history. Author: Syed Naufal Gaddafi
Fractal_TL: An indicator for automatic drawing of trendlines based on fractals of a given timeframe. Author: Almat Kaldybay
Bridge - structural design pattern : Decouple an abstraction from its implementation so that the two can vary independently Author: DMITRII PECHERITSA
New article Plotting trend lines based on fractals using MQL4 and MQL5 has been published: The article describes the automation of trend lines plotting based on the Fractals indicator using MQL4 and MQL5. The article structure provides a comparative view of the solution for two languages. Trend...
2pbIdealMA: Moving average Author: Nikolay Kositsin
PriceChannel Signal: This indicator is the conversion of famous Igorad's indicator namely PriceChannel_Signal_v1 with re-enter feature. Author: Sergey Golubev
Traditional MACD with Momentum indicador and alarms: Traditional MACD indicator with a Momentum indicator and alarms. Allows customization of most of the parameters without having to dive into code. Author: neskk
KOB Requisites Script : This script downloads bars and ticks from EURUSD as required for the correct execution of Kiss on Billions on EURUSD from Saeid Irani. Author: Jordi
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GG-TrendBar: This indicator shows you the trend on every timeframe simultaneously Author: Gordon Gekko
New article The Most Active Members Have Been Awarded iPhones! is published: We have long been planning to encourage the most active participants contributing to the Community development. Therefore, the new rating system has been implemented on the website. Articles, Code...
Your MAX possible trading VOLUME : One of the biggest struggling we face is not being able to know our maximum possible trading volume. Author: Mario Gharib
Slope Direction Line: The Slope Direction Line trend indicator, used by the Hammering EA from the Market section. Author: IURII TOKMAN
MA MACD Position averaging v2: The Expert Advisor based on iMA (Moving Average, MA) and iMACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence, MACD). Averaging positions in case of a loss. Improvement of the version 1.0 Author: Vladimir Karputov
Support Vector Machine Indicator: This indicator uses support vector machines to analyse indicator data and signal future trades. Buy trades are signalled by a green ‘up’ arrow with sell trades signalled by a red ‘down’ arrow. Author: Josh Readhead
  Indicators: Divergence Petr  (24   1 2 3)
Divergence Petr: The indicator of divergences on 30 oscillators of choice. Author: Aleh Sasonka
No Nonsense Backtester: This EA is for testing No Nonsense Forex algos. With this EA you can test your algos much faster than eyeballing, using Soft4x or using any other EAs in Strategy tester. Author: Karel Nagel
StdDev_Cross: StdDev Cross indicator Author: Scriptor
New article MQL5 Wizard: How to Create a Module of Trading Signals is published: The article discusses how to write your own class of trading signals with the implementation of signals on the crossing of the price and the moving average, and how to include it to the generator of trading strategies...
New article MQL5 Wizard: New Version is published: The article contains descriptions of the new features available in the updated MQL5 Wizard. The modified architecture of signals allow creating trading robots based on the combination of various market patterns. The example contained in the article...
New article How to Install and Use OpenCL for Calculations is published: It has been over a year since MQL5 started providing native support for OpenCL. However not many users have seen the true value of using parallel computing in their Expert Advisors, indicators or scripts. This article serves...
Trading Panel : Trading has been also about planing and executing but the MOST IMPORTANT part is to protect ourselves from ourselves and to protect our capital. Author: Mario Gharib
Bermaui Bands LCS lite: Have a look here: <Deleted> I developed it into my own lite MT5 version Author: Firmin