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Indicators: iGDR_Fractal_Levels

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Automated-Trading 2012.01.30 16:21 


iGDR_Fractal_Levels indicator shows the fractals average values over a certain period of time. The indicator displays only three levels on the chart showing them in different colors. The same levels are plotted to the right from the text labels, though considering the variation used for calculation of an average value.

We must always bear in mind that deals with the use of fractals are opened only in the direction of these fractals breakout. The same thing with the levels. We must enter the market in the direction of these levels breakout, as that is the strongest signal for market entry, while nearby levels can be used as initial stop levels and profit targets.

Author: Nikolay Kositsin


Bruri Setiya Budi
Bruri Setiya Budi 2016.11.30 20:18  
Good Indicator... Good Job...
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