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JK BullP AutoTrader: The Expert Adviser JK_BullP_AutoTrader is built on Bulls Power indicator. Author: Collector
AIS1 Trading Robot: Trading Robot Author: Airat Safin
Close All: Simple code to close all opened orders. Author: Aeither
New article MagicNumber: "Magic" Identifier of the Order has been published: The article deals with the problem of conflict-free trading of several experts on the same МТ 4 Client Terminal. It "teaches" the expert to manage only "its own" orders without modifying or closing "someone elses"...
Exp_VortexIndicator: The Expert Advisor with the VortexIndicator indicator Fig. 1. The instances of history of deals on the chart. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
AIS2 Trading Robot: Trading Robot Author: Airat Safin
QuotesDemo: The Expert Advisor shows the current values of World Stock Indices from Google Finance using WebRequest function. The quotes are updated every 10 seconds. Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
ForexLine: ForexLine indicator provides signals for trade. Author: 3rjfx
  Trading: Trend-Hunting (11   1 2)
New article Trend-Hunting has been published: The article describes an algorithm of volume increase of a profit trade. Its implementation using MQL4 means is presented in the article. Author: Eryomin Sergey
Delete all objects on all charts: The script deletes all objects on all active charts. Author: Drazen Penic
Blue Spread: The indicator shows current spread with color line. Author: STFX
Fibonacci Pivot Points: The indicator uses Fibonacci multiples to determine significant levels of support and resistance for the current trading session. Author: André F
BB_OsMA: BB_OsMA indicator is the OsMA indicator in the form of spheroid with a deviation as the upper and lower bands. Author: 3rjfx
Smoothed_RSI and RSI_of_MA: Smoothed RSI indicator and RSI of Moving Average. Author: ffoorr
MACD_2ToneColor: Custom MACD indicator with 2 tone color (MACD Up and MACD Down colors). Author: 3rjfx
Show Bid: The indicator displays Bid current price in oversize dimension on the chart, at that there are color and price selection options. Author: Viktor Mossekhin
ChainPriceRSI: Forex indicator ChainPriceRSI is based on the RSI and MA indicators. Chain Price RSI is an indicator of Trend Lines Arrow with direction to open orders. Author: 3rjfx
New article Contest of Expert Advisors inside an Expert Advisor has been published: Using virtual trading, you can create an adaptive Expert Advisor, which will turn on and off trades at the real market. Combine several strategies in a single Expert Advisor! Your multisystem Expert Advisor will...
Visual Order Processing: Order_EA is a simple visual oriented program that uses drag & drop scripts to control order processing. Take Profit and Stop Loss trend lines are controlled by the local computer - not the broker's computer. This allows features like "One cancels other" and automatic...
VR---STEALS-3: Advisor exposes not visible to brokers levels StopLoss, TakeProfit, Breakeven, Traling stop Author: Владимир
All In One Grab: The indicator shows the information about indicator values and important levels. The idea was to keep the chart as clean as possible, but still get everything on one glance. You can take all indicators or just the ones you like. To hide the others set them to false. Author:...
Open Position v3a - Updated for MT4 Build 600: Displays open position: Symbol + Lots + Points + Profit (Updated for MT4 Build 600) Author: file45
New article Forex VPS by Fozzy Inc. is published: VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a service whereby the user is provided with a so-called virtual private server. Virtual server emulates the operation of the standard physical server. This physical server has several virtual servers configured on it...
New article Statistical Probability Distributions in MQL5 is published: The article addresses probability distributions (normal, log-normal, binomial, logistic, exponential, Cauchy distribution, Student's t-distribution, Laplace distribution, Poisson distribution, Hyperbolic Secant distribution,...
Doda-Donchian v2 mod: This is the Doda-Donchian v2 created by Gopal Krishan Doda, but when I use this indicator, I found some error and I have to fix it. also adding features price and candle time. Doda-Donchian v2 mod fix-->Fix Stop Loss Color Author: Iwan Sulistiawan
New article Optimization. A Few Simple Ideas has been published: The optimization process can require significant resources of your computer or even of the MQL5 Cloud Network test agents. This article comprises some simple ideas that I use for work facilitation and improvement of the MetaTrader 5...
New article Secrets of MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal: Alerting System has been published: How to be aware of what happens in the terminal and on your account without permanent looking at the monitor.System events; custom events; wave and executable files; electronic messages; setting up SMTP server...
OHLC Range: Draws two labels: Open-Close and High-Low range of the last closed candle left of the current candle. Author: file45
BPNN dll temp fix: Hi All, This is temporary fix to the original BPNN.dll posted by gpwr. Now you can play with the NN he created. Please keep in mind this is a makeshift - it will leave unreleased memory so be sure you restart your system after use. ALX Author: Aleksander Szablewski
News VLine: The script adds vertical lines on the chart at the news events. This script doesn't replace the calendar events, it just outine them using the vertical lines. The news description (event name and time) is added to the line tooltips. To see how does it work it is necessary to add news...