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VivaLasVegas: Betting Strategies Simulator Author: zzuegg
Doda-Donchian with stop-loss feature: Modified version of Donchian channel that shows when to Buy & Sell and most important, where to place stop-loss. Author: gopal krishan doda
Wilder's Volaility System: Wilders Volaility System Author: Walter
New article Designing and implementing new GUI widgets based on CChartObject class is published: After I wrote a previous article on semi-automatic Expert Advisor with GUI interface it turned out that it would be desirable to enhance interface with some new functionalities for more complex...
Metatrader shortcuts extensions (Emilio Shortcuts) :): with some shortcuts i can operate with multiple objects very quickly, this script change the size, the color of line Author: emiliostefano
DVD Level (100-50 cent): Powered by level equal to a whole cents (1.38 1.39 1.40 etc.) Author: Denis Denisov
Emilio Super Bands: This bands Are used by me for the calculation of the stop loss for a breakout entry and for indicate 2 things: the expected volatility and the trailing stop Author: emiliostefano
Perceptron With 5 indcators: Using Perceptron, Automatic Learning. It had profit in the operation indicated that the NN's purchase earn a fat kid in the decision and indicated that the sale lose weight. It had a loss, the NN's that showed a purchase lost more weight in the decision and indicated...
MAM_Crossover: The Crossover Moving Average Mirror user, completed with Sound Alert. Author: andy tjatur
dailyTrendReversal_D1: Underlyings for this EA are the daily opening (o1), the daily high (h1) and the daily low (l1). The distances from each other in a maximum of 3 steps form the filter base, which is confirmed by the CCI. Author: Hans
Fibonacci for visual and coding use: Whether you use Fibonacci for visual trading or for automated trading, this Fibonacci will handle it. Works across multiple timeframes and pairs. Author: Larry
X bug: Opens orders using moving average crosses. Author: Tonny Obare
CIniFile class: This class provides methods for working with Windows *.ini files. It has a standard interface with simple methods. Using the library: Copy the IniFile.mqh file to the MQ5\Include\ folder.Declare the CIniFil class instance in the code (don't forget to add the #include <IniFile...
Adaptive Moving Average with Bollinger Bands ®: The indicator shows the trend and allows to see a price range. It based on Adaptive Moving Average (AMA) and Bollinger Bands ® (BB) indicators. Author: Roman Romanenko
  Experts: pSAR bug 4 (17   1 2)
pSAR bug 4: Opens and closes orders using parabolic SAR signals now with improved features. Author: Tonny Obare
i-OrdersMQL5: The indicator shows deals history on the chart. All chart objects are clickable. The colors can be customized in input parameters of the indicator. Author: Kosta
s-LastPinkEventDate: Since build 344 of the client terminal display of economic calendar news using special graphical objects (OBJ_EVENT) is added. A script that outputs as a demonstration of the Economic Calendar with current economic data, the date of the last major(Pink) event. Author:...
An Expert Advisor template: This code has been used by Valery Mazurenko (notused) as a template of the Expert Advisor for Automated Trading Championship 2010. You can use this file as a template for your Expert Advisor. Add your trading logic to compile it. Author: Валерий
error EA but with run with profit!: an EA , run with a profit this is Error EA in error, so you can correct the EA, But no use EA Author: Lam K
SDL_MAM: Upgraded version of Slope Direction Line. Author: andy tjatur
Clipboard: The script gets contents from the Clipboard. Author: Алексей Сергеев
RSI Mirror: Another simple, powerfull and profitable Mirror Indicator. Author: andy tjatur
MA_Mirror EA: Based on the idea of pramono72 I wrote an Expert Advisor for it. It may also server as a simple way to write expert advisors using an include file and very few code lines. Author: Thomas Quester
BandsFilter: Полосы Боллинджера на основе цифровых фильтров Author: alex
New article Controlling the Slope of Balance Curve During Work of an Expert Advisor is published: Finding rules for a trade system and programming them in an Expert Advisor is a half of the job. Somehow, you need to correct the operation of the Expert Advisor as it accumulates the results of...
EA_RSI_MA: This EA is based on the indicator RSI_MA. EA designed for EURUSD, D1. Author: Leonid Basis
Up and Down Indicator: This indicator allows to see the activity of the market. Indicator displays candles in one dimension. Colour is automatically adapted to current tick volume. Author: outkast
Position in channel: The indicator shows the position of the current price in a channel. First it determines the channel boundaries. The upper boundary is defined as the maximal value of High[], the lower boundary is determined from the minimal values of Low[]. If the current value of Close[0] is...
BW-ZoneTrade: The idea of this indicator has been proposed by Bill Williams in his book "New Trading Dimensions: How to Profit from Chaos in Stocks, Bonds and Commodities". It shows the "fourth dimension" of the market - it paints the bar charts with different colors (green, grey and red)...
RSI-MA: This indicator is a combination of a classic RSI and even more classic MA indicators. I hope it will be more stable and with more Profit/Loss Ratio. Author: Leonid Basis