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JFatlSpeed HTF: This indicator shows the direction of the acceleration of JFatlSpeed price from a larger timeframe at a smaller one. Two colors of large dots are used for rate display. If the rate is positive and raising, the dot color is lime. If the rate is positive but falling, the dot color is...
New article Synthetic Bars - A New Dimension to Displaying Graphical Information on Prices has been published: The main drawback of traditional methods for displaying price information using bars and Japanese candlesticks is that they are bound to the time period. It was perhaps optimal at the time...
MACDcrossAUDD1: A simple robot to trade AUDUSD D1 chart only when MACD crosses. Author: IL KYU LEE
MAC-Fibo indicator: Indicator based on MACFibo trading strategy Author: dineshydv
  Experts: Emagic  (3)
Emagic: EA based on macd signal and ema cross Author: Allan Gunst
AutoNK: The indicator creates a channel and provides the possibility to configure it with automatic tuning. After the launch a channel with three lines will appear. It differs from the standard channel - it has the middle line. The black line of the channel can be tuned, the red and the grey...
MA mass cloud: Clouds formed by the masses of Moving Averages of different periods. Author: okome_ken
Smooth Lines: The indicator shows the use of the free LibCustomChart library for the automatic connection of the indicators to iCustomChart custom charts created on the basis of custom history files. The presence of iCustomChart custom chart is checked when attaching the indicator to a chart...
Expert Advisor Demonstrating LibCustomChart Application: The Expert Advisor shows the use of the free LibCustomChart library for the automatic connection of the Expert Advisors and indicators to iCustomChart custom charts created on the basis of custom history files. Author: Konstantin Gruzdev
MTF-StDev: Multi Time Frame Standard Deviation Author: Leonid Basis
Price on Bollinger Channel: The indicator draws (in a separate window) the Bollinger Bands relative to the moving average and projection of the price bars. The drawing looks like a pulse. Author: Sergey Porphiryev
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Fx10: The semaphore signal indicator with the values based on five technical indicators: LWMA, SMA, RSI, Stochastic, MACD. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
ColorChart: Simple script to randomize all colors of your chart. Just click on it and see results yourself! Author: Karlis Balcers
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VR---SETKA=2=01032012: Modification of the first version of the grid EA. Author: Владимир
ATR Channel: Draws an ATR envelope surrounding price action and assists you in setting proper stoploss and takeprofit levels. Author: Point Zero
VR---MOVING-AVERAGE: An improved version of the standard Moving Average indicator, now on the hourly timeframe, you can see moving averages of higher timeframes. Author: Владимир
Objects Description Activator: Enables the "Chart Objects Description" for non-programmers. For any open chart window. Author: Alexander Piechotta After the run from the "Objects Description Activator":
s-PSI@Refresh_v.2.0: The script (in the absence of communication) rescans the server, will make paging history, emulates the ticks for the indicators and experts. Author: TarasBY
s-PSI@CalculateProfitFromTime: Review the results of the work of your strategy (in history) by the hour. Author: TarasBY
New article Fractal Analysis of Joint Currency Movements has been published: How independent are currency quotes? Are their movements coordinated or does the movement of one currency suggest nothing of the movement of another? The article describes an effort to tackle this issue using nonlinear...
Ideal ZigZag: Very fast zigzag. No suspended peaks. No wrong peaks. Designed for use in EA. Optimized peaks retrieval Author: Андрей
Main Points - Dottor Market: Three main pivot points : Daily - Weekly - Monthly. Author: Alfredo
SpreadLogger + Bid and Ask Logger: Do you want to know how the Spread on your Broker fluctuates? I developed 2 small indicators which will allow you to see hot the spread is performing real time and for the last few minutes or whichever you can thing your platform can hold. Author: eronyx
MA-Env: Moving Average Envelopes indicator. Optimistic trader may enter the market when the price crosses the blue line. More reliable entry will be when the price crosses the yellow line. When the price comes back and crosses the red line you can open a position in the course of price movements....
New article The Box-Cox Transformation is published: The article is intended to get its readers acquainted with the Box-Cox transformation. The issues concerning its usage are addressed and some examples are given allowing to evaluate the transformation efficiency with random sequences and real...
LinearRegSlope_V1: Unnormalized oscillator based on the linear regression algorithm. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
ACC+BAL+MARG-INDI: Account Balance, Equity, Margin, Free Margin + Account Profit: position anywhere on chart - hide any item - enhanced user preference options. Author: file45
Trading signals module based on ColorJFatl indicator: Trading signals module for MQL5 Wizard. The moment, when ColorJFatl indicator changes its color, indicates the time for market entry. The signal is formed when a bar is closing. Place ColorJFatl.ex5 compiled file to the...
Triniti: The support and resistance levels are determined. It provides the values for TP and SL. Author: Laszlo Szabo
Trading signals module based on SilverTrend_Signal indicator: Trading signals module for MQL5 Wizard. SilverTrend_Signal indicator's color dot serves as a market entry signal. The signal is formed when a bar is closing. Place SilverTrend_Signal.ex5 compiled file to the...