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Trading Systems: Mechanical Trading System "Chuvashov's Triangle"

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp.  

New article Mechanical Trading System "Chuvashov's Triangle" has been published:

Let me offer you an overview and the program code of the mechanical trading system based on ideas of Stanislav Chuvashov. Triangle's construction is based on the intersection of two trend lines built by the upper and lower fractals.

Author: Genkov

Paulo Oliveira
Paulo Oliveira  


Please see images:




Unless you have a better understanding, the correct would be: 

The size between the first fractals of the upper and lower lines should be HIGHER than the size between the second fractals of these lines. 

The upper line's first fractal should be UPPER than the second fractal of the same line, while the lower line's first fractal should be BELOW the lower line's second one.  

 Following this thought,the text of image below also should be corrected:



  1. The first fractals should be spaced more than 20-30 pips apart;
  2. The first fractal of the working UPPER line should be MORE than the second fractal of same line;
  3. The first fractals of the working LOWER line should be LESS than the second fractal of same line;
  4. All 4 reference points are different from "0", i.е. they have real values;
  5. Time parameters of reference points should be different from "0";
  6. The first upper reference point is ABOVE the second upper one and the first lower point is LOWER than the second lower point;
  7. The difference between the lines' second fractals should not exceed 150 pips.

 Please, if I'm wrong, then I'm sorry!!!  ;)

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