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Discussion of article "Using WinInet.dll for Data Exchange between Terminals via the Internet"

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2010.06.17 15:25 

New article Using WinInet.dll for Data Exchange between Terminals via the Internet is published:

This article describes the principles of working with the Internet via the use of HTTP requests, and data exchange between terminals, using an intermediate server. An MqlNet library class is presented for working with Internet resources in the MQL5 environment. Monitoring prices from different brokers, exchanging messages with other traders without exiting the terminal, searching for information on the Internet – these are just some examples, reviewed in this article.

Author: Алексей Сергеев

Brett Luedtke
Brett Luedtke 2011.07.17 06:38  


Metachat is a good idea and I'd like to get one working myself.

Nothing referenced on the site is working anymore - can you please provide the PHP source to metachat? Much thanks.

Etienne Chabert
Etienne Chabert 2013.11.04 09:10  

This article should be seriously edited, the internetLib.mqh included look to be deprecated and can caused a random invalid access in wininet.dll

You should use the internetLib included in this article to avoid difficulties -> Using WinInet in MQL5. Part 2: POST Requests and Files

This library do his work without issues 

Viktor Placek
Viktor Placek 2016.04.22 23:43  

After couple of hours trying to to implement this buggy object I have found out that MQL5 has its native HTTP communication function WebRequest. See the documentation for more information.

Viktor Placek
Viktor Placek 2016.04.23 09:06  
OK, I have changed my mind. This object is worth of try because these sick morons from MetaQuotes forbid using WebRequest function in Strategy Tester.
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